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    40A SSR Solid State Relay, 3-32V DC to DC, Din Rail Mount

    40A Single phase slim SSR solid state relay with heat sink, DC to DC control, input 3-32VDC, output 3-75VDC, with din rail mount. High reliability, high efficiency and long lifespan. Widely used in many automatic control systems.
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    SSR 40A solid state relays are of high strength, impact resistance and strong vibration resistance, with low requirement for input current. Solid state relay is ideal for automatic process control application, a must component for temperature controller and other machinery control system.

    • Exquisite workmanship
    • Photoelectric isolation
    • SSR output
    • LED indicator for operation status
    • Removable protective cover for safety
    • Panel mount
    • Zero-crossing switch type


    Model ATO-SSR-DS40DD
    Voltage Type DC-DC
    Load Current 40A
    Load Voltage 3-75V DC
    Control Voltage 3-32V DC
    Max Input Current 12mA
    Must Operation Voltage 2.8V DC
    Must Release Voltage 1.5V DC
    Max On-stage Voltage Drop ≤0.2V
    Peak Voltage 75V DC
    Operation Temperature -20℃ to 80℃
    Max Off-state Leakage Current 12mA
    Dielectric Strength 2500V
    Weight 181g
    Certificates CE,ROHS


    DC to DC SSR dimension

    Wiring Diagram

    An example wiring diagram

    Tips: Over-current protection measures for solid-state relays

    Solid-state relays use semiconductor switching devices as power output components and are sensitive to temperature changes. Over-current can cause the semiconductor chip to overheat, resulting in degradation of quality, reduced life, or even permanent damage. Although solid-state relays can instantaneously accept inrush currents of more than 10 times the rated current, exceeding this value can easily cause permanent damage. Therefore, overcurrent protection is very important.

    There are many protection methods for overcurrent, and the key is to respond quickly. General protection circuits are ineffective, and fast fuses dedicated to semiconductor devices should be considered. The nominal fusing current of the fuse should not exceed the SSR nominal current value. There are many types of fast fuses on the market, but the quality varies greatly, please pay attention when choosing.

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