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    50A SSR Solid State Relay, 3-32V DC to DC, Din Rail Mount

    Single phase 50Amps solid state relay products, 3-32V DC to DC, with din rail mount. Use semiconductor components, high working frequency, long service life, low noise and reliable operation, no spark and a series of advantages, and it is widely used in digital process control device.
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    SSR 50Amps series single phase solid state relays are made of high quality and high structural strength, strong shock resistance, small driving current at the input end can easily interface with computer terminals and various digital programmed circuits. Beautiful and generous, excellent electrical conductivity, safe and reliable, long mechanical life. Able to control large current on and off with small control signals. They are commonly used in industrial automation, heating control, lighting control, motor control and other applications requiring electrical control.

    • Exquisite workmanship
    • Photoelectric isolation
    • SSR output
    • LED indicator for operation status
    • Removable protective cover for safety
    • Panel mount
    • Zero-crossing switch type


    Model ATO-SSR-DS50DD
    Voltage Type DC-DC
    Load Current 50A
    Load Voltage 3-75V DC
    Control Voltage 3-32V DC
    Max Input Current 12mA
    Must Operation Voltage 2.8V DC
    Must Release Voltage 1.5V DC
    Max On-stage Voltage Drop ≤0.2V
    Peak Voltage 75V DC
    Operation Temperature -20℃ to 80℃
    Max Off-state Leakage Current 12mA
    Dielectric Strength 2500V
    Weight 245g
    Certificates CE, ROHS


    50A 60A 80A demension

    Wiring Diagram

    An example wiring diagram

    Tips: Maintenance methods for solid state relays

    When using solid state relays with small current specifications for printed circuit boards, the lead terminals are made of highly thermally conductive materials and should be soldered at a temperature of less than 250°C for less than 10S. If necessary, consider derating the load current to within 1/2 of the rated value if the surrounding temperature is a factor.

    Solid state relays should be installed away from electromagnetic interference, radio frequency interference sources, to prevent the relay false operation out of control. Solid state relay open circuit and the load side of the voltage, the output will have a certain leakage current, in the use or design should be noted. When the solid state relay fails to replace, try to use the prototype or technical parameters of the exact same product, in order to match the original application line, to ensure the reliable operation of the system.

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