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    48V Desktop AC to DC Adapter, 48W/ 96W/ 144W, 1A/ 2A/ 3A

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    Economical price AC adapter with output voltage 48V, 48W/ 96W/ 144W rated power are optional, 1000mA/ 2000mA/ 3000mA capacity for selection. It is suitable for printers, pure water machines, switching power supplies, surveillance cameras, liquid crystal displays, water purifiers and other equipment.
    SKU: ATO-SPF-048
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    Desktop AC to DC adapter at affordable price, which has seven power plugs for selection, black color and 24 months warranty. It has advantages of small size, high efficiency and long service life.


    Series 48V
    Model SPF-048
    Rated power 48W/ 96W/ 144W
    Output voltage 48V DC
    Output current 1A 2A 3A
    Input voltage 100-250V AC
    Frequency 50/ 60Hz
    DC port size 5.5*2.5mm (compatible 5.5*2.1mm)
    Efficiency 98%
    Shell material Fireproof plastic enclosure
    Colour Black
    Capacity 1000mA/ 2000mA/ 3000mA
    Input ripple ≤80mV
    Applicable equipment Computer/ switch/ router/ access control system/ CCTV etc.
    Size 131*56*36mm
    Weight ≤1kg
    Certificates CE, FCC, ROHS, CCC
    Plug GB/ US/ EUR/ JPN/ UK/ GER/ AUS
    Warranty 2 years

    Dimension (unit=mm)

    DC port size of desktop AC adapter

    Tips: Precautions of Desktop AC/DC Adapter.

    The nominal voltage of the power supply is much higher than the voltage of my laptop battery. Will there be some accidents?

    First of all, it is important to know that there is a difference between the power supply for the laptop and the battery for the laptop. Powered by battery, the output of the battery is pure DC, which is very clean. The voltage of the battery is neither possible nor need to be designed very high. The chemical characteristics of the lithium battery determine that the output voltage of a battery cell can only be around 3.6V, so many batteries use a three-stage series connection, and 10.8V has become a very popular battery voltage. The nominal value of some batteries is slightly larger than an integer multiple of 3.6V, such as 3.7V or 11.2V, etc.

    Power supply, the situation is more complicated. First, the added voltage needs to be further stabilized and filtered to ensure stable operation when the power supply performance is not very good. The stabilized voltage is divided into two parts, and the notebook is powered all the way. The other way is to charge the battery. The part that supplies power to the laptop is the same as when the battery is powered. The part that charges the battery needs to be added to the battery cell through the battery's charge control circuit. The control circuit can be very complicated, so the power supply voltage It must be greater than the cell voltage to have sufficient capacity to supply each unit of the charging control circuit. Finally, the voltage actually added to the battery cell will never be the nominal voltage of your power supply.

    A suitable power adapter requires safety certification, and a power adapter with safety certification can protect personal safety. To prevent electric shock, fire and other dangers.

    Existing reviews of 48V Desktop AC to DC Adapter, 48W/ 96W/ 144W, 1A/ 2A/ 3A
    When you change the volts does the amperage go up also ?
    My old ac to dc adapter was broken and I want to order a new one. I need an adapter to connect my laptop. But I am not sure one thing. When you change the volts does the amperage go up also ?
    From: Woody | Date: 06/05/2022
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    ATO Responded
    No, the amps output is depending on your device requires, but it limits to the max amps that the adapter can output.
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