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    50 kVA 3 Phase Variac Transformer

    Three-phase 50 kW variac variable transformer adopts metal casing, with strong heat dissipation capacity, suitable for various occasions, and easy to install, the voltage output meter is displayed by a pointer, and the pointer is responsive and accurate.
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    Buy 3 phase variac transformer for laboratory, 50 kW, rated current 65A, input voltage 380V, output voltage 430V, it has the characteristics of strong electrical conductivity, low resistivity and strong thermal conductivity.


    • Model: ATO-VVR-TH50
    • Rated Power: 50 kVA
    • Input Voltage: 380V
    • Output Voltage: 0~430V, 0~500V
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Rated Full Offset Current: 65A
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥5 MΩ
    • Pressure Resistance: 2000 V/1min
    • Weight: 220 kg
    • Dimension: 345mm x 450mm x 1100mm
    • Certificate: CE

    Wiring method

    Installation and use of three-phase variac transformer should be noted: the wiring must be firmly pressed, there can be no loose.

    Three-phase variac transformer is a three-phase four-wire system, the input side should be connected to the zero line, when using the regulator to adjust the voltage should be adjusted from 0V to high voltage, the output voltage is different corresponding to the load power is different.

    Variac transformer wiring

    3 Phase 50 kVA Variable Voltage Transformer Details

    Three phase variable transformer details

    Three phase variac transformer detail

    Tips: 3 Phase variac transformer application fields

    1. Electric furnace industry: annealing furnace, drying furnace, quenching furnace, sintering furnace, crucible furnace, tunnel furnace, melting furnace, box-type electric furnace, well-type electric furnace, melting electric furnace, rolling electric furnace, vacuum electric furnace, trolley electric furnace, quenching electric furnace, Aging electric furnace, bell type electric furnace, atmosphere electric furnace, oven experimental electric furnace, heat treatment, resistance furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, high temperature furnace, kiln, electric furnace.
    2. Mechanical equipment: packaging machinery, injection molding machinery, heat shrinking machinery, extrusion machinery, food machinery, tempering equipment, plastic processing, infrared heating.
    3. Glass industry: glass fiber, glass forming, glass melting, glass printing, float glass production line, annealing tank.
    4. Automobile industry: spray drying, thermoforming.
    5. Energy-saving lighting: tunnel lighting, street lighting, photography lighting, stage lighting.
    6. Chemical industry: distillation evaporation, preheating system, pipeline heating, petrochemical industry, temperature compensation.
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