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    5V DC Signal Relay, DPDT, 2A

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    Small signal relay for sale, coil voltage 5V DC, contact form DPDT, max. switching current 2A, rated load 1A 125VAC/2A 30VDC, coil nominal power 200mW/150mW for your choice.
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    Signal relay adopts copper coil and silver alloy contacts, strong conductivity and longer life span.


    • 2A contact switching capability.
    • High sensitive type, coil power is 150mW/200 mW.
    • Standard DIP construction terminal.
    • Ultra – small type, gold – plated contacts.
    • Suit for complete machine wave soldering and integral cleaning process.
    • Main applications: Electric power protection, automation, communication.


    Model ATO-SR-FH32DC5V
    Type Standard Type Sensitive Type
    Coil Parameters (23℃) Nominal Voltage DC 5V
    Nominal Power 200mW 150mW
    Pick-up Voltage ≤3.75VDC ≤3.75VDC
    Drop-out Voltage ≥0.25VDC ≥0.25VDC
    Rated Current 40mA 30mA
    Coil Resistance 125Ω 166.7Ω
    Max Voltage DC 6.5V DC 6.5V
    Contact Parameters Contact Form DPDT (2C)
    Contact Resistance (Initial) ≤100mΩ (6VDC 1A)
    Contact Material AgNi + Gold Plating
    Rated Value Rated Load (Resistance Load) 1A 125VAC
    2A 30VDC
    Max. Switching Voltage 250VAC30VDC
    Max. Switching Current 2A
    Max. Switching Capacity 125VA/60W
    Min. Allowing Load 10mV 10μA
    Electrical Performance Insulation Resistance (Initial) 1000mΩ (500VDC)
    Dielectric Strength (Initial) Between Open Contacts 750VAC, 1 min
    Between Coil & Contacts 1500VAC, 1 min
    Operate Time ≤5ms
    Release Time ≤5ms
    Mechanical Performance Shock Resistance Functional 98m/s2(10g)
    Destructive 980m/s2(100g)
    Vibration Resistance 10Hz ~ 55Hz 1.5mm DA
    Endurance Mechanical 1 x 107ops
    Electrical 1A 125VAC 1 x 5ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)
    2A 30VDC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)
    Operate Condition Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
    Humidity 5% to 90%
    Termination PCB (DIP Encapsulation)
    Unit Weight 5g
    Construction Plastic Sealed

    Note: In order to maintain the initial performance parameters of the signal relay, please be careful not to drop it.


    Units: mm

    Dimensions of 5V Low Signal Relay

    Performance curves

    Performance Curves of 5V Low Signal Relay

    Tips: Difference between signal relay and power relay

    Signal relay is usually used for monitoring and protection. It is widely used in the secondary protection circuit of distribution high voltage cabinet. For example, If the transformer oil temperature is over 85 degrees and A normally open contact is closed on the temperature monitor indicator, making the contact string in signal relay coil back to the road, so there are signals leads to relay coil absorption and action and high voltage switch is off at the same time to remove the station transformer load, so as to protect the transformer. However, there are many kinds of signal relays, some of which are directly buzzing or flashing as alarm signals.
    Power relay is a device that can produce step in one or more electrical output circuits when the input (or excitation) satisfies some specified conditions. It can be used in the neutral point directly grounded system as the direction element of zero sequence current protection.

    Existing reviews of 5V DC Signal Relay, DPDT, 2A
    Signal relays are easy to install
    I recently purchased a set of 5V signal relays for my audio system, they are easy to install and provide excellent signal transmission and sound quality. The compact size of the relays is small and they are also very durable.
    From: Michael | Date: 17/02/2023
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    Works well.
    This 5V DC signal relay made everything so much easier and simple. It fits my application just as advertised and was simple to install. I would recommend this to anyone I know.
    From: Bourdon | Date: 28/06/2022
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