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    9V DC Signal Relay, SPDT, 3A

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    Low cost 9V DC signal relay for sale, coil power 200mW/360mW/400mW, contact form SPDT (1C), 3A contact switching capability, rated load 1A 240VAC/30VDC, 3A 120VAC.
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    Low price 9V signal relay with full-turn and full-negative electromagnetic coil is more stable and precise.


    • 3A contact switching capability.
    • Contact form: SPDT (1C).
    • High sensitive type, coil power is 200mW/360mW/450mW.
    • Standard DIP construction terminal.
    • Ultra – small type, gold – plated contacts.
    • Suit for complete machine wave soldering and integral cleaning process.
    • Main applications: Electric power protection, automation, communication.


    Model ATO-SR-FH38DC9V
    Type Standard Type Sensitive Type High Power Consumption Type
    Coil Parameters (23℃) Nominal Voltage DC 9V
    Nominal Power 360mW 200mW 450mW
    Pick-up Voltage ≤6.75VDC ≤6.75VDC ≤6.75VDC
    Drop-out Voltage ≥0.45VDC ≥0.45VDC ≥0.45VDC
    Rated Current 40mA 22.2mA 50mA
    Coil Resistance 225Ω 450Ω 180Ω
    Max Voltage DC 11.7V DC 11.7V DC 11.7V
    Contact Parameters Contact Form SPDT (1C)
    Contact Resistance (Initial) ≤100mΩ (6VDC 0.1A)
    Contact Material AgNi + Gold Plating
    Rated Value Rated Load (Resistance Load) 1A 240VAC/30VDC
    3A 120VAC
    Max. Switching Voltage 240VAC/30VDC
    Max. Switching Current 5A
    Max. Switching Capacity 360VA/30W
    Min. Allowing Load 5VDC 100mA
    Electrical Performance Insulation Resistance (Initial) 1000mΩ (500VDC)
    Dielectric Strength (Initial) Between Open Contacts 500VAC, 1 min
    Between Coil & Contacts 1000VAC, 1 min
    Operate Time ≤10ms
    Release Time ≤5ms
    Mechanical Performance Shock Resistance Functional 98m/s2(10g)
    Destructive 980m/s2(100g)
    Vibration Resistance 10Hz ~ 55Hz 1.5mm DA
    Endurance Mechanical 1 x 107ops
    Electrical 1A 240VAC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)
    3A 120VDC 5 x 104ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)
    Operate Condition Ambient Temperature -25℃ ~ 70℃
    Humidity 5% to 85%
    Termination PCB (DIP Encapsulation)
    Unit Weight 5g
    Construction Plastic Sealed, Flux Proofed

    Note: In order to maintain the initial performance parameters of the signal relay, please be careful not to drop it.


    Units: mm

    Dimensions of Signal Relay

    Performance curves

    Performance Curves of Signal Relay

    Tips: Signal relay troubleshooting

    In the process of circuit application, improper operation or other interference factors will lead to signal relay faults. Common faults of signal relays include fuse fusing, wire breaking, sealing-off, screw loosening, coil burnout, bad contact of contacts, bad contact of connectors, bad insulation between lines and mixed power supply of lines. The solutions of the signal relay faults are as follows.

    • Mixed line protection circuit
      Indoor and signal relay box environment is better, as long as strict construction technology is adopted, mixed line fault rarely occurs in the circuit, so it is no need to take mixed line protection measures. For the outdoor circuit, whether the cables or other wires are used as the connecting line, the possibility of mixed line failure is more likely to occur, and the mixed line protection circuit needs to be adopted.
    • Disconnection protection circuit
      Disconnection fault is far more than mixed fault. The closed circuit method is used to design the signal relay circuit in order to drop the signal relay to protect the circuit in the event of a disconnection fault.
    Existing reviews of 9V DC Signal Relay, SPDT, 3A
    Efficient and Compact 9V DC Signal Relay
    The 9V DC Signal Relay, SPDT, 3A is an exceptional product that exceeded my expectations. Its compact size and robust build make it a versatile choice for various electronic projects. With a 3A switching capability, it handles the task effortlessly, ensuring reliable signal switching. Plus, the 9V DC input suits a wide range of applications. Overall, a reliable and efficient relay that I'd highly recommend for anyone seeking top-notch performance in their projects.
    From: Alfled | Date: 04/10/2023
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    I wish I would have done this signal relay a lot earlier.
    I cant believe this signal relay worked and now everything is working as it should. I tried other signal relays but none of them worked. I wish I would have done this signal relay a lot earlier.
    From: Wordsworth | Date: 06/05/2022
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