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    6V DC Signal Relay, DPDT, 2A

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    6V DC Low signal relay at best price, contact form DPDT, max. switching current 2A, rated load 1A 125VAC/2A 30VDC, coil nominal power 200mW/150mW for your choice.
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    Signal relay adopts copper coil and silver alloy contacts, strong conductivity and longer life span.


    • 2A contact switching capability.
    • High sensitive type, coil power is 150mW/200 mW.
    • Standard DIP construction terminal.
    • Ultra – small type, gold – plated contacts.
    • Suit for complete machine wave soldering and integral cleaning process.
    • Main applications: Electric power protection, automation, communication.


    Model ATO-SR-FH32DC6V
    Type Standard Type Sensitive Type
    Coil Parameters (23℃) Nominal Voltage DC 6V
    Nominal Power 200mW 150mW
    Pick-up Voltage ≤4.50VDC ≤3.75VDC
    Drop-out Voltage ≥0.30VDC ≥0.25VDC
    Rated Current 33.3mA 25mA
    Coil Resistance 180Ω 240Ω
    Max Voltage DC 7.8V DC 7.8V
    Contact Parameters Contact Form DPDT (2C)
    Contact Resistance (Initial) ≤100mΩ (6VDC 1A)
    Contact Material AgNi + Gold Plating
    Rated Value Rated Load (Resistance Load) 1A 125VAC
    2A 30VDC
    Max. Switching Voltage 250VAC30VDC
    Max. Switching Current 2A
    Max. Switching Capacity 125VA/60W
    Min. Allowing Load 10mV 10μA
    Electrical Performance Insulation Resistance (Initial) 1000mΩ (500VDC)
    Dielectric Strength (Initial) Between Open Contacts 750VAC, 1 min
    Between Coil & Contacts 1500VAC, 1 min
    Operate Time ≤5ms
    Release Time ≤5ms
    Mechanical Performance Shock Resistance Functional 98m/s2(10g)
    Destructive 980m/s2(100g)
    Vibration Resistance 10Hz ~ 55Hz 1.5mm DA
    Endurance Mechanical 1 x 107ops
    Electrical 1A 125VAC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)
    2A 30VDC 1 x 105ops (ON/OFF=1s/9s)
    Operate Condition Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
    Humidity 5% to 90%
    Termination PCB (DIP Encapsulation)
    Unit Weight 5g
    Construction Plastic Sealed

    Note: In order to maintain the initial performance parameters of the signal relay, please be careful not to drop it.


    Units: mm

    Dimensions of 6V Low Signal Relay

    Performance curves

    Performance Curves of 6V Low Signal Relay

    Tips: What is the function of the signal relay coil?

    The function of the signal relay is that as long as a certain voltage is applied to both ends of the coil, a certain current will flow through it, thus producing electromagnetic effect. The armature will overcome the tension of the return spring and attract to the iron core under the action of electromagnetic force attraction, driving the moving contact of the armature and the static contact (normally open contact) to attract. However, the function of the coil is to make the coil charged through the input voltage to adsorb or bounce off the relevant contact point, in order to achieve mechanical opening or breaking another set of circuits, so as to achieve the desired output. Therefore the coil is the main component of the signal relay and plays an important role of electric energy into mechanical energy to achieve control. Since little current passes through the coil, the current or voltage controlled by the contacts is high, this will achieve the purpose of controlling large current and high voltage with small current or small voltage. When the signal relay coil is power off, the electromagnetic suction will disappear, and the armature will return to the original position in the spring reaction force, so that the moving contact and the original static contact (normally closed contact) attract. In this way, with suction and release, it will achieve the purpose of conducting and cutting in the circuit.

    Existing reviews of 6V DC Signal Relay, DPDT, 2A
    An ordinary product
    It switches between the two sets of contacts reliably when a 6V DC signal is applied, making it suitable for basic switching applications in electronic circuits. The double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) configuration offers versatility for various wiring needs. However, the 2A current rating is also a bit limiting. While it's sufficient for many low-power applications, it may not be suitable for more demanding projects where higher current-carrying capacity is needed.
    From: Ananda | Date: 26/09/2023
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    Worked as needed.
    I bought these signal relays as direct replacements for my old relays. They arrived on time and worked as needed. Very simple installation. I am happy with my order.
    From: Duncan | Date: 29/04/2022
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