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    65 amp 3/4 Pole DC Coil Contactor, 12V/24V/48V/220V Coil

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    Low cost 65A AC contactor is an electrical switching device with DC control to control electric motors, lighting and other electrical loads at 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V coil rated voltage. Rated power up to 37 kW, contact form 3 pole (3NO) or 4 pole (2NO+2NC) for your choices.
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    65A 12V ~ 220V DC contactor works to connect and break of the circuit load, which can fully meet the special demand of electric locomotive, diesel locomotive and electric motor car group. It is widely used in the control system of DC electric control, storage battery circuit and capacitance circuit.


    Model ATO-CJX2-65Z ATO-CJX2-65008Z
    Rated Current 65A AC
    Coil Rated Voltage (Optional) 12V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC
    Contact Form (Optional) 3 Pole (3NO)+1NO+1NC 4 Pole (2NO+2NC)
    Frequency 50Hz/ 60Hz AC
    Rated Power (AC-3) 200-240V 18.5kW (25HP)
    380-440V 30kW (40HP)
    500-550V 37kW (50HP)
    600-690V 37kW (50HP)
    Conventional Thermal Current 80A
    Operating Temperature -40℃~85℃
    Operating Humidity 5~95% RH
    Dimensions 77 x 129 x 172mm 84 x 129 x 184mm
    Weight 1.5kg

    Circuits Diagram

    65 amp DC Contactor Circuit Diagram


    65 Amp DC Contactor Details

    Tips: Functions of the parallel capacitance of the contactor coils

    1. The voltage at both ends of the capacitor cannot be specially changed, and after the capacitor is connected, the reverse electromotive force of the coil can be delayed and reduced, interference is reduced, and the life of the contact is prolonged.
    2. A proper resistor in series with the capacitor can dampen the oscillation, reduce the time of over-voltage, and achieve better results. This is the resistance-capacitance absorber.
    3. The larger the capacitance, the smaller the impedance and the higher the passing frequency. But in fact, most of the capacitors over 1μF are electrolytic capacitors, which have a large inductance component, so the impedance will increase when the frequency is high.
    4. The key is that there is parasitic inductance on the capacitor, and the capacitor discharge circuit will resonate at a certain frequency. At the resonance point, the impedance of the capacitor is small. Therefore, the impedance of the discharge circuit is the smallest, and the effect of supplementing energy is also the best. For capacitors of the same capacity, the more small capacitors in parallel, the better. Voltage resistance value, temperature resistance value, capacitance value and ESR are several important parameters of the capacitor, and the lower the ESR, the better.
    Existing reviews of 65 amp 3/4 Pole DC Coil Contactor, 12V/24V/48V/220V Coil
    High quality 65amp DC contactor
    I have used it for so long to review it just to see the effect. This 65amp DC contactor really makes me feel at ease. It is also very convenient and safe to use, and it has a formal agency certification. I believe that with its help, I will never worry about the starting and protection of electric locomotives anymore.
    From: Jared | Date: 13/12/2021
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