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    800W 12V/24V/48V Wind Turbine Charge Controller

    Low price 3 phase wind turbine generator charge controller rate voltage 48 volt, 12 volt or 12 volt , wind turbine 800 watt, wind power charge controller with overcharge, over discharge, overload protection, controller automatically recognizes 24V/48V battery, manufacturer direct sales.
    SKU: ATO-WTC-800
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    3 Phase ac wind turbine charge controller 800W, can effectively improve the efficiency of wind power generation, LED display, turbine charge controller shell is made of aluminum shell material, and the heat dissipation function is fast.


    Model ATO-WTC-400
    Control System Rated Voltage 24V/48V
    Wind Turbine Rated Power 400W/800W
    Battery Protection 15V/29V/58V
    Temperature Compensation (Optional) 8mV/°C (Adjustable) -20~65°C
    Working Environment Temperature -20~+55°C 35~95%RH
    Storage Environment Temperature -30~+65°C
    Altitude ≤5500M
    Net Weight 0.5kg
    Dimension 180*76*46mm

    Wind Turbine Charge Controller Wiring Diagram
    Wind charge controller wiring diagram

    1. Positive and negative terminals of the battery.
    2. Green LED indicator, when the system is working normally, the LED will be illuminated.
    3. Red LED indicator, when the battery is full, or the controller is in emergency braking state, the LED will be illuminated.
    4. Emergency switch, the switch is in - gear, the system is in emergency braking state, and the red LED will be lit, in the O state, the controller is in normal working state.
    5. The wind turbine terminal can be connected to the three wires of the wind turbine in turn. If it is a DC fan or a single-phase fan, the fan wiring can be arbitrarily connected to two of the three terminals.
    6. ATO wind turbine charge controller is compatible with three-phase, single-phase and DC fans.

    Wind turbine controller connection diagramTips: How does a wind turbine charge controller work?

    The wind turbine charge controller adjusts and controls the power generated by the wind generator. On the one hand, the adjusted energy is sent to a DC load or an AC load, and on the other hand, the excess energy is used to charge the battery pack according to the battery's characteristic curve. When the power generated cannot meet the load requirements, the controller sends the battery's power to the load. After the battery is fully charged, the controller should control the battery not to be overcharged. When the electric energy stored in the battery is discharged, the controller should control the battery from being over-discharged to protect the battery.

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