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    80W Automatic Soldering Gun, Adjustable Temperature

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    The 80W automatic portable soldering gun for sale, with its adjustable temperature control, provides the ideal temperature for any soldering job. This professional portable welding machine features durable construction and reliable performance for a wide range of electronic and electrical engineering applications.
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    The low price automatic handheld soldering gun comes with a maximum power of 80W and an adjustable temperature range of 300 to 600°C. Designed with a comfortable grip and lightweight construction, this 80W portable welding machine is easy to handle and reduces hand fatigue during extended use


    • Model: ATO-SD-80W
    • Power: 80W
    • Working Temperature: 300~600 °C
    • Voltage: 110/220V
    • Power plug: Euro/US/UK/AU
    • Dimension: 205* 150* 42mm
    • Applicable Wire Diameter: 0.5mm~1.2mm
    • Weight: 0.33kg



    80W automatic solder gun details

    Usage Introduction

    80W automatic solder gun details

    1. Attaching the solder wire to the holder.
    2. Press down on the tin inlet to straighten the wire.
    3. Detachable side door to thread directly out to the tin nozzle.
    4. Attaching the wire holder.
    5. Observe that the wire reaches the soldering iron tip.
    6. Complete the steps and start soldering.


    Automatic soldering gun sockets


    Soldering guns are widely used in the manufacture and repair of electronic devices, such as computers, radios, and televisions. They are also used in automotive and industrial settings, where they are used to repair electrical wiring, circuit boards, and other components. Additionally, soldering guns are used in jewelry making and metalworking, where they are used to join metal components together for decorative and functional purposes.

    Soldering gun application

    Tips: How to clean a solder gun tip?

    • Turn off the solder gun and allow it to cool down.
    • Use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the tip of the solder gun. Be sure to use a clean and damp sponge or cloth to avoid introducing contaminants to the tip.
    • If the tip is severely oxidized, use a tip cleaner or a brass wire sponge to remove the oxidation. Be gentle and do not use too much force as this can damage the tip.
    • Once the oxidation is removed, wipe the tip again with a damp sponge or cloth.
    • Apply a small amount of solder to the tip to help with heat transfer and to prevent oxidation.
    • Turn on the solder gun and allow it to heat up before use.

    Note: It is important to clean the tip regularly to ensure optimal performance and to prolong the life of the solder gun tip.

    Existing reviews of 80W Automatic Soldering Gun, Adjustable Temperature
    This 80W soldering gun is easy to use
    I have been using the 80W temperature control soldering gun for about a week now and I am very impressed with its performance. The adjustable temperature and tip options make it capable of a variety of welding tasks.
    From: Hortensio | Date: 20/03/2023
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