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    Absolute Encoder, 12 Bit, Multi-turn, RS485/ CAN

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    Low cost rotary encoder with 12 bit, featuring RS485/ CAN two communication interfaces, multi-turn absolute encoder with working voltage 5V/ 24V, 24/ 50/ 99/ 1287/ 4968/ 19872 turns can be choose, the absolute rotary encoder with natural binary code encoded output. The shaft encoder offers high quality, high resolution, lower cost and long service life.
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    Factory price 12 bit rotary encoder with shaft diameter 6mm/ 8mm, blind hole 8mm are optional, high accuracy absolute rotary encoder with 100mA working current, working voltage 5V/ 24V. The multiturn absolute encoder is used in a wide range of applications that require monitoring or control, or both of mechanical systems, including industrial controls, robotics, photographic lenses.


    Model ATO-RE-38R0M4096 ATO-RE-38C0M4096
    Electrical parameters Communication Interface RS485 CAN
    Protocol Modbus rtu CAN 2.0
    Number of turns 24/ 50/ 99/ 1287/ 4968/ 19872 turns
    Working voltage 5V/ 24V
    Baud rate 9600-115200 (default 9600)
    Working current 100 mA
    Resolution 12 bit (4096)
    Encoded output Natural binary code
    Outer diameter/ shaft diameter 39mm/ 50mm/ 39mm
    Shaft diameter/ blind hole 6mm/ 8mm/ 8mm
    Working current 50 mA
    Linearity 0.10%
    Kernel refresh cycle 50 uS
    Station numbeer/ address 1-127 (default 1)
    Electrical life >100000h
    Mechanical parameters Maximum machanical speed 1000 rpm
    Shell/ flange material Zinc-nickel coated steel/ Aerospace aluminum
    Shaft material Stainless steel
    Bearing material Bearing steel
    Maximum load of the shaft Axial 20N, radial 80N
    Starting torque 0.006 Nm
    Environmental parameters Operating temperature -40-85
    Storage temperature -40-85℃
    Humidity 98% (No condensation)
    Waterproof Shell: IP54; Shaft, bearing: IP65
    Wiring methods Red Positive power sipply (5V, 9-24V)
    Black Ground (GND)
    Yellow ZR
    Green RS485B CANH
    White RS485A CANL

    Dimension (mm)

    Shaft diameter 6mm

    Dimension of rotary encoder shaft 6mm

    Shaft diameter 8mm

    Dimension of rotary encoder of shaft 8mm

    Blind hole 8mm

    Dimension of rotary encoder of blind hole 8mm

    Tips: Principle of Absolute Rotary Encoder.

    There are many optical channel engraving lines on the absolute encoder optical disc, and each engraving line is arranged with 2 lines, 4 lines, 8 lines and 16 lines in turn. , dark, obtain a set of unique binary codes (Gray codes) from the zeroth power of 2 to the n-1th power of 2. The absolute encoder is coded by the mechanical position. It does not need to be memorized, it does not need to find a reference point, and it does not need to count all the time. When you need to know the position, you can read its position. Determined by its location, it is not affected by power outages and disturbances. Absolute encoders have ranges and are suitable for use on some special machine tools.

    Existing reviews of Absolute Encoder, 12 Bit, Multi-turn, RS485/ CAN
    Good encoders
    I bought three 12 bit absolute encoder for my project. These things look nice and they seem to perform well.
    From: Zxenith | Date: 24/05/2022
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    nice absolute encoder
    This is a very nice absolute encoder. I purchased this for a replacement on a machine. It was the right size and worked perfectly. It was the right size and worked perfectly.
    From: Bily | Date: 15/04/2022
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    Perfect absolute encoder
    I recently purchased absolute encoders in five different sizes and the quality and accuracy are very good. I am very pleased with the price and value of this purchase.
    From: Mpls | Date: 26/01/2022
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