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    Absolute Optical Linear Encoder, BISS-C/SSI

    Absolute optical linear encoder, available at factory prices, supports BISS-C or SSI communication protocols and utilizes advanced optical technology to directly output absolute position information of 20 to 29 bits without initialization or reset. The optical linear encoder features direct outlet, DB9 or DB15 connectors, offering precise position feedback solutions for industrial and automation applications.
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    Absolute optical linear encoder delivers exceptional performance characteristics, offering a reliable solution for high-precision motion control and position measurement in diverse industrial and technological applications.


    • The absolute optical linear encoder features a reflective absolute optical system for accurate position detection.
    • The absolute position encoder supports industry-standard interfaces like BISS-C or SSI.
    • With high installation clearance, it facilitates easy setup in various environments.
    • The optical linear encoder incorporates a high-precision measurement system to ensure accurate readings.
    • The encoder utilizes a high flexibility, bending-resistant braided shielding wire for durability.
    • Despite its compact size, it offers high resolution to meet demanding measurement requirements.
    • Encased in a stainless steel shell, it provides strong anti-interference capabilities for reliable operation.


    Model ATO-AGD200
    Power supply 5V±-10%
    Current consumption Less than 100mA
    Resolution 20~29bit
    Accuracy level of grating ruler ±5μm/m
    Repeatability ±1μm
    Location data update rate 80MHz
    Output signal Differential TTL
    Mode of connection Direct outlet, DB9 or DB15
    LED status Red and green
    Reading head size 36mm*15mm*14mm
    Grating scale size 6mm wide (We can provide grating scale, please contact us)
    Operating temperature -10℃~70℃
    Storage temperature -20℃~85℃
    Outside diameter of cable 4.0±0.1mm
    Number of bending 50 million times, Bending radius greater than 24mm

    Dimension (mm)

    absolute optical linear encoder dimension

    Tips: Why do we need to use absolute linear encoders?

    Absolute linear encoders are indispensable due to their ability to provide direct and accurate absolute position feedback without the need for initialization or referencing a starting point. This feature ensures precise positioning information is immediately available after power-up or system restart, crucial for applications requiring high precision and reliability. Their resistance to interference, long-term stability, and ease of integration further enhance their suitability across diverse industries such as CNC machining, medical imaging, and automated manufacturing, where precise measurement and control are paramount for operational efficiency and product quality.

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