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    AC Analog Ammeter, 0-50A

    Analog AC amp meter with 0-50A measuring range and high performance movement. Analog ammeter adopts converter, and inferior magnetic ring is rejected. Analog AC ammeter price is affordable and the wiring of this small ammeter is simple.
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    An AC analog ammeter is an electrical measuring instrument used to measure the magnitude of alternating current (AC) in a circuit. It employs an analog display mechanism, typically with a needle and a calibrated scale, to indicate the current value.


    • Needle and Scale Display. The most prominent feature of an analog ammeter is its needle or pointer that moves across a calibrated scale. The position of the needle indicates the amp being measured.
    • Analog Technology. Analog ammeters use analog components such as moving coils, magnets, and springs to create the mechanism that translates amp into needle movement.
    • Range Selection. Analog ammeters often come with multiple amp measurement ranges. Users can select the appropriate range based on the expected amp to achieve better accuracy and resolution.


    • Model: 6L2-A
    • Measuring Range: AC 0-50A (other range, contact us)
    • Accuracy Class: 1.5
    • Display Type: analog only
    • Overload Ratio: 100%
    • Damping Time: ≤4s
    • Operating Temperature: 0-55 ℃
    • Mode of Installation: mounted perpendicular to horiaaontal
    • Weight: 1 kg

    Wiring Diagram:

    AC analog ammeter wiring diagram


    AC analog ammeter dimension

    Tips: How to Use AC Analog Ammeter?

    • Inspect the Meter. Check the condition of the analog ammeter. Make sure there are no visible damages to the meter, the needle is functional, and the scale is clear and readable.
    • Setting the Range. Analog ammeters typically come with multiple ranges. Choose the appropriate range for the current you expect to measure. Start with the highest range and then adjust downward if necessary for a more accurate reading.
    • Connecting the Ammeter. For AC current measurements, the ammeter needs to be connected in series with the circuit. This means you'll need to interrupt the circuit and place the ammeter in line with the current flow.
    • Taking the Measurement. The analog meter's needle will move to indicate the amount of current flowing through the circuit. Read the value indicated by the needle on the appropriate scale.
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