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    AC Analogue Panel Ammeter

    Cost-effective analogue panel ammeter with printing scale and high performance movement. Computer printed dial of this panel amp meter, more aesthetically pleasing and convenient for reading than traditional stamping. The accuracy class of panel mount AC amp meter is 2.5%.
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    An AC analog panel ammeter is an electrical instrument designed to measure alternating current (AC) in a circuit. It is commonly used to display the magnitude of current flowing through a system in real-time.


    • Needle and Scale Display. The most prominent feature of an analog ammeter is its needle or pointer that moves across a calibrated scale. The position of the needle indicates the amp being measured.
    • Analog Technology. Analog ammeters use analog components such as moving coils, magnets, and springs to create the mechanism that translates amp into needle movement.
    • Range Selection. Analog ammeters often come with multiple amp measurement ranges. Users can select the appropriate range based on the expected amp to achieve better accuracy and resolution.


    • Model: 44L1-A
    • Measuring Range: AC 3-50A (other range, contact us)
    • Accuracy Class: 1.5
    • Display Type: analog only
    • Overload Ratio: 100%
    • Damping Time: ≤4s
    • Operating Temperature: 0-55 ℃
    • Mode of Installation: mounted perpendicular to horiaaontal
    • Weight: 1 kg

    Wiring Diagram:

    AC analogue panel ammeter wiring diagram


    AC analogue panel ammeter dimension

    Tips: How to Read Analog Ammeter?

    • Observing the Scale. The analog ammeter will have a circular or semi-circular scale with numbers or markings indicating the current values. The scale is usually labeled in units like milliamperes (mA) or amperes (A), depending on the current being measured.
    • Reading the Pointer. Look at the needle or pointer on the ammeter. The position of the pointer on the scale indicates the current flowing through the circuit. The pointer will move and settle at a specific position based on the current passing through the ammeter.
    • Determine the Reading. Read the value indicated by the pointer on the scale. This reading represents the current flowing through the circuit in the units specified on the scale.
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