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    AC Current Sensing Switch, 0.5A-50A, NO

    Factory price AC current sensing switch for sale online. It can accurately monitor 0.5A to 50A AC, NO contact mode, self-power supply, fireproof housing, and adjustable operating current. This current sensing switch is widely used in AC measurement and monitoring, AC motor overload protection and electronic switch control systems.
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    Buy an adjustable current sensing switch online. It has a normally open form, 0.5-50A (AC) range, and a self-powered mode, which is used to monitor or detect the current of electrical equipment safely and conveniently. Low-cost AC current switch is ideal for automated industrial control equipment and power monitoring.


    • Model: ATO-BEM-12K-SD-NO-AL/ATO-BEM-12K-SD-NC-AL
    • Contact Capacity: 0.3A@130Vac/dc
    • Range: 0.5-50A (AC)
    • Power Supply Mode: Self-Powered/No Power Required
    • Maximum Overload: +100%@50A
    • Contact Form: Normally Open
    • Weight: 0.056kg
    • Startup Time: Within 0.1S
    • Shell Material: ABS Fireproof
    • IP Rating: IP30
    • Working Temperature: -10°C~+50°C
    • Frequency Range: 40~400Hz
    • Current Threshold: Adjustable via Potentiometer


    Current sensing switch dimension


    AC Current Switch Details


    Current sensing switch wiring

    Current sensing switch wiring

    Current sensing switch wiring


    Current sensing switch applications

    Tips: What can a current sensing switch do?

    A current sensing switch is a device designed to monitor electrical currents in a circuit and trigger a response based on the detected current levels. Its primary function is to sense changes in current flow and act as a control element in various applications. Here are some key capabilities and applications of a current sensing switch:

    • Overcurrent Protection: One of the primary uses of a current sensing switch is to provide overcurrent protection. It monitors the current flowing through a circuit, and if it exceeds a predetermined threshold, the switch can open the circuit to prevent damage to equipment or electrical components.
    • Motor Control: In industrial applications, current sensing switches are often employed to monitor the current drawn by motors. They can detect issues such as overloads or stalled motors and take corrective actions, such as shutting down the motor or activating an alarm.
    • Energy Management: Current sensing switches play a role in energy management systems by monitoring the power consumption of devices or appliances. This enables more efficient energy usage and helps in implementing energy-saving strategies.
    • Fault Detection: They are utilized for fault detection in electrical systems. By continuously monitoring current levels, these switches can quickly identify abnormal conditions, such as short circuits, and respond accordingly to minimize the risk of electrical fires or equipment damage.
    • Automation and Control Systems: Current sensing switches are integral components in automation and control systems. They provide feedback to the control system, allowing it to make real-time decisions based on the current conditions in the electrical circuit.

    Overall, a current sensing switch enhances the safety, efficiency, and reliability of electrical systems by actively monitoring and responding to changes in current levels. Its versatility makes it a crucial component in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

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