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    AC Current Switch, 0.5A-200A, NO/NC

    Buy an adjustable AC current switch online. It has normally open or normally closed form, 0.5A-200A (AC) high range, and self-powered mode, which is designed for monitoring or detecting the current of electrical equipment safely and conveniently. Low-cost current sensing switch is suitable for automated industrial control equipment and power monitoring.
    SKU: ATO-CSS-200A
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    Flameproof current sensing switch is used to accurately monitor AC from 0.5A to 200A, with optional normally open or normally closed modes. Quality AC current switch can control various automated industrial control equipment, flashlights, buzzers, relays, microcontrollers or other electrical load equipment.


    • Model: ATO-BEMA200KNO/ATO-BEMA200KNC
    • Contact Capacity: 0.5A@240Vac/dc
    • Range: 0.5-200A (AC)
    • Power Supply Mode: Self-Powered/No Power Required
    • Maximum Overload: +100%@200A
    • Contact Form: Normally Open/Normally Closed
    • Weight: 0.111kg
    • Startup Time: Within 0.1S
    • Shell Material: ABS Fireproof
    • IP Rating: IP30
    • Working Temperature: -10°C~+50°C
    • Frequency Range: 40~400Hz
    • Current Threshold: Adjustable via Potentiometer


    Current sensing switch dimension


    AC Current Switch Details


    Current sensing switch wiring

    Current sensing switch wiring

    Current sensing switch wiring


    Current sensing switch applications

    Tips: What is the function of the current sensing relay?

    A current sensing relay plays a crucial role in electrical systems by monitoring the current flowing through a circuit and triggering a response based on predefined thresholds. The primary function of a current sensing relay is to protect against overcurrent conditions, short circuits, and other abnormal electrical situations. It acts as a safeguard for electrical equipment, preventing damage and ensuring the safety of the overall system.

    The relay operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It typically includes a current transformer that senses the current in the monitored circuit. When the current exceeds a set threshold, the current sensing relay activates an electromagnetic coil, which, in turn, causes a set of contacts to change their state. This state change can initiate various actions, such as opening or closing a circuit, activating an alarm, or tripping a circuit breaker.

    One of the common applications of current sensing relays is in motor protection. In the event of a motor experiencing excessive current due to factors like mechanical overload or a fault, the relay can quickly respond by disconnecting the power supply, preventing further damage to the motor. In industrial settings, these relays are crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and preventing costly downtime.

    Overall, the function of a current sensing relay is to continuously monitor electrical currents, detect abnormalities, and take appropriate actions to protect equipment, enhance system reliability, and ensure the safety of both personnel and assets within the electrical infrastructure.

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