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    Current Sensing Switch, 0.2A-30A, NO/NC

    Flameproof sensing switch is used to accurately monitor AC from 0.2A to 30A, with optional normally open or normally closed modes. Low price current sensing switch can control various automated industrial control equipment, flashlights, buzzers, relays, microcontrollers or other electrical load equipment.
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    High-quality current sensing switch for sale online. It can accurately monitor AC from 0.2A to 30A, NO or NC contact mode, passive self-power supply, fireproof housing, and adjustable operating current. This current sensing switch is widely used in AC measurement and monitoring, AC motor overload protection and electronic switch control systems.


    • Model: ATO-BEMG30NO/ATO-BEMG30NC
    • Contact Capacity: 0.5A@240Vac/dc
    • Range: 0.2-30A (AC)
    • Power Supply Mode: Self-Powered/No Power Required
    • Maximum Overload: +100%@30A
    • Contact Form: Normally Open/Normally Closed
    • Weight: 0.074kg
    • Startup Time: Within 0.1S
    • Shell Material: ABS Fireproof
    • IP Rating: IP30
    • Working Temperature: -10°C~+50°C
    • Frequency Range: 40~400Hz
    • Current Threshold: Adjustable via Potentiometer


    Current sensing switch dimension


    AC Current Switch Details


    Current sensing switch wiring

    Current sensing switch wiring

    Current sensing switch wiring


    Current sensing switch applications

    Tips: What is a current sensing switch?

    A current sensing switch is a specialized electrical device designed to detect and respond to changes in electrical current within a circuit. Its primary function is to monitor the flow of electric current and activate or deactivate a connected circuit or device based on predetermined current levels. The switch typically incorporates a sensor or a set of sensors that can measure the intensity of the current passing through the circuit.

    One of the key features of a current sensing switch is its ability to provide a binary output, indicating whether the current exceeds a predefined threshold. When the current surpasses this threshold, the switch is triggered to change its state, either opening or closing the circuit. This functionality is particularly valuable in applications where overcurrent protection, energy management, or automated control is essential.

    Current sensing switches find application in various fields, including industrial automation, power distribution systems, and electronic devices. For instance, in motor control systems, these switches can play a crucial role in preventing motor damage due to excessive current. Additionally, they are employed in smart home systems for energy-efficient management, ensuring that appliances are only active when required, thereby contributing to both safety and energy conservation. Overall, the current sensing switch serves as a valuable component in diverse electrical systems, enhancing efficiency, safety, and control.

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