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    Cable Drag Chain, 10 x 20mm

    CNC cable drag chain for sale, plastic material, factory direct price, inner height 10mm, inner width 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 30mm. Easy installation, low operating noise.
    SKU: ATO-CDC-T10
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    Plastic cable drag chain innner size can choose 10 x 10mm (0.39" x 0.39mm"), 10 x 15mm (0.39" x 0.59"mm), 10 x 20mm (0.39' x 0.78") and 10 x 30mm (0.39" x 1.18"mm). Simple installation, work smoothly, traction and protect built-in cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, etc.

    cable drag chain length can be customized, please contact us.


    Model ATO-CDC-T1010  ATO-CDC-T1015 ATO-CDC-T1020 ATO-CDC-T1030
    Inner Height 10mm 10mm 10mm 10mm
    Inner Width 10mm 15m 20mm 30mm
    Outer Height 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm
    Outer Width 18mm 23mm 28mm 38mm
    Bending Radius ® 18, 28, 38
    Open Mode Bridge cannot be opened
    Aperture (φ) 4 x 7Lmm
    Connector Hole Distance B=8mm, C=9mm B=8mm, C=9mm A=12mm, B=8mm, C=9mm A=12mm, B=8mm, C=9mm
    Connector Ordering Model 10.10.B1.12PZ.(figure1) 10.15.B1.12PZ.(figure1) 10.20.B1.12PZ.(figure2) 10.30.B1.12PZ.(figure3)
    Weight 0.16kg 0.18kg 0.19kg 0.22kg

    Cable Drag Chain Installation Dimension (unit: mm)

    Plastic cable drag chain dimension

    Drag chain 10 x 20 mm dimension

    Pitch= 20.7mm, excluding the number of joints per meter= 49, chain length= S/2 + K, S= stroke distance, K= π x R + safety amount.

    R 18 28 38
    H 51 71 91
    D 47 57 67
    K 101 131 164

    Cable drag chain installation tips

    1. Do not untie the cable from one end of the cable drag chain. Instead, rotate the cable drag chain to unfold the cable. If necessary, unfold or hang the cable.  
    2. Attention must be paid to the minimum bending radius of the cable.
    3. The cables must be laid loosely side by side in the drag chain, separated as much as possible, separated by spacers or penetrated into the separation cavity of the bracket, the gap between the cables in the drag chain should be at least 10% of the cable diameter.
    4. The cables in the drag chain must not touch each other or be bundled together.
    5. Both points of the cable must be fixed, or at least the moving end of the drag chain must be fixed. Generally, the distance between the moving point of the cable and the end of the able drag chain should be 20-30 times the diameter of the cable.
    6. Ensure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, that is, it cannot be forced to move. This way the cables can be moved with each other. After a period of operation, it is best to check the position of the cable. The inspection must be carried out after the push and pull movement.
    7. If the drag chain breaks, the cable also needs to be replaced, because damage caused by excessive stretching cannot be avoided.

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