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    Cable Drag Chain, 18 x 50mm

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    Cable drag chains are available for sale with inner diameters of 18 x 18mm, 18 x 25mm, 18 x 37mm and 18 x 50mm. Cable carrier lengths are available from 1 meter to 10 meters, semi-enclosed inner opening type.
    SKU: ATO-CDC-T18
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    Cable drag chain for sale, inner height 18mm, inner width 18mm, 25mm, 37mm and 50mm, cable carrier length can choose 1 meter to 10 meters, other lengths can be customized.

    Note: cable drag chain length can be customized, please contact us.


    Model ATO-CDC-T1818 ATO-CDC-T1825 ATO-CDC-T1837 ATO-CDC-T1850
    Inner Height 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm
    Inner Width 18mm 25m 37mm 50mm
    Outer Height 23mm 37mm 23mm 23mm
    Outer Width 29mm 50mm 47mm 60mm
    Bending Radius ® 28mm, 38mm, 48mm, 55mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm
    Open Mode Semi closed inner opening
    Aperture (φ) 5 x 7L 5 x 8.5L 5 x 9L 5 x 9L
    Connector Hole Distance A=8mm, B=11.5mm, C=9mm A=12, B=7.5mm, C=11mm A=24.5mm, B=7.5mm, C=7.5mm A=37.5mm, B=8mm, C=7.5mm
    Connector Ordering Model 18.18.BF.12PZ.(figure1) 18.25.BF.12PZ.(figure2) 18.37.BF.12PZ.(figure2) 18.50.BF.12PZ.(figure3)
    Weight 0.33kg 0.35kg 0.39kg 0.44kg

    Cable Drag Chain Installation Dimension (unit: mm)

    Pitch= 20.7mm, excluding the number of joints per meter= 49, chain length= S/2 + K, S= stroke distance, K= π x R + safety amount.

    R 18 28 38
    H 51 71 91
    D 47 57 67
    K 101 131 164

    Plastic cable drag chain dimension

    Drag chain 10 x 20 mm dimension

    Tips: What is cable drag chain?

    The cable drag chain is a special special cable with abrasion resistance, oil resistance and strong flexibility. It is suitable for occasions where the equipment unit needs to move back and forth. Put the cable in the cable drag chain to protect the cable from damage when it moves back with the drag chain. .

    Drag chain cables are suitable for equipment connection lines and drag chain occasions where equipment is frequently moved repeatedly. It can effectively prevent cables from entanglement, abrasion, pull-off and disorganization. They are mainly used in industrial electronic systems, automatic generation lines, storage equipment, robots, fire protection systems, Cranes, CNC machine tools and metallurgical industries, etc.

    Existing reviews of Cable Drag Chain, 18 x 50mm
    Easy to install
    I bought this cable drag chain for my CNC machine, the chain is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. I haven't experienced any issues with cable snagging or tangling since I started using it. The installation process was also straightforward and hassle-free. Would recommend.
    From: Ralap | Date: 06/03/2023
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    Robust and flexible cable drag chain
    I have used a similar cable drag chain, but the effect is not as good as this, and the price is very reasonable, I am very happy, I bought a chain that suits my printer, and I will buy ATO's cable drag chain for my other 2 sets.
    From: Hamiltion | Date: 08/04/2022
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