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    Cable Drag Chain, 30 x 50mm

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    Plastic cable drag chain for sale, inner high 30mm, inner width 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 60mm to 103mm. Outer height 45mm, outer width 43mm, 56mm, 75mm to 121mm for selection. The drag chain is used for CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, and transportation equipment.
    SKU: ATO-CDC-H30
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    The drag chain has a very good protective effect on the cable, easy to install, high quality, can be used in outdoor environment. Cable drag chain inner size 1.18 x 1.96 inch, outer size 1.77 x 2.67 inch.

    Note: cable drag chain length can be customized, please contact us.


    Model ATO-CDC-H3025 ATO-CDC-H3038 ATO-CDC-H3050 ATO-CDC-H3057 ATO-CDC-H3060 ATO-CDC-H3077 ATO-CDC-H30103
    Inner Height 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm
    Inner Width 25mm 38mm 50mm 57mm 60mm 77mm 103mm
    Outer Height 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm 45mm
    Outer Width 43mm 56mm 68mm 75mm 78mm 95mm 121mm
    Bending Radius (R) 55mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm
    Open Mode Bridge type Bridge closed Bridge type
    Pitch Distance 46mm
    Bridge Weight 1.06kg 1.12kg 1.17kg 1.2kg 1.21kg 1.26kg 1.46kg
    Closed Weight / 1.24kg 1.34kg 1.45kg 1.46kg 1.6kg /

    Cable Drag Chain Installation Dimension

    Cable drag chain 30 mm dimension
    Cable drag chain 1.18 inch dimension

    Dimension ATO-CDC-H3025 ATO-CDC-H3038 ATO-CDC-H3050 ATO-CDC-H3057 ATO-CDC-H3060 ATO-CDC-H3077 ATO-CDC-H30103
    A 16
    C 38 51 63 70 73 90 116
    D 46 59 71 78 81 98 125
    E 9.5
    Aperture (φ) 6

    Pitch= 46.4mm, excluding the number of joints per meter= 22, chain length= S/2 + K, S= stroke distance, K= π x R + safety amount.

    R 55 75 100 125 150 175
    H 155 195 245 295 345 395
    D 124 144 169 194 219 244
    K 290 353 432 510 589 667

    Tips: Type of cable drag chain
    According to the drag chain material can be divided into steel drag chain, steel aluminum drag chain, plastic drag chain, stainless steel drag chain, nylon drag chain.
    According to the form of cable drag chain can be divided into bridge towing chain, multi-linked bridge towing chain, closed towing chain, muffled towing chain, open towing chain, universal towing chain, tank chain, threading chain, etc..

    Existing reviews of Cable Drag Chain, 30 x 50mm
    It's the best drag chain I've ever bought
    I have bought drag chains both online and in stores, at this price, I believe it is the best, it is well made and wear-resistant, I customized the extended drag chain, in order to fit my new project, more than I imagined still strong
    From: Bil | Date: 07/04/2022
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