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    Integrated Concrete Rebar Scanner

    Buy integrated concrete rebar scanner at favorable price, measuring range of φ6 to φ50mm with 320x240mm screen, built-in high capacity lithium battery. This reinforcing bar detector employs advanced sensors and imaging techniques to locate and assess reinforcement bars within the concrete, ensuring structural integrity and safety. It can penetrate the concrete surface and provide real-time feedback on the positioning, spacing, and condition of embedded rebars.
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    The integrated concrete rebar scanner is a cutting-edge technology designed for efficient and accurate detection of reinforcement bars (rebar) within concrete structures. The integration of these reinforcement bar detectors enhances construction quality control by ensuring that concrete structures meet design specifications and safety standards. Integrated concrete rebar detector significantly improves construction processes, enhance structural integrity, and contribute to the longevity of concrete structures.


    Model ATO-CRS-ZD31
    Protective Layer Thickness Range φ6~φ50mm
    Applicable Range of Rebar 5~185mm
    Screen 320x240mm
    Power Supply Built-in High Capacity Lithium Battery
    Working Hours ≥16h
    Communication USB Interface
    Storage 200K Measuring Point of Rebar
    Operation Silicone Keypad
    Dimension 219x92x106mm
    Weight 0.6kg(Battery Included)

    Measuring Range of Different Rebar Diameters

    Rebar Diameter Small Large
    φ6~φ8mm 1~60mm 5~100mm
    φ10~φ18mm 1~80mm 5~120mm
    φ20~φ28mm 1~80mm 5~140mm
    φ32~φ50mm 1~80mm 5~185mm


    Detail of integrated concrete rebar scanner

    Tips: What are the applications of concrete rebar scanners?

    Concrete rebar scanners are crucial tools in construction and civil engineering for non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete structures. These devices utilize various technologies such as electromagnetic induction, ground-penetrating radar, or ultrasonic waves to detect and locate reinforcement bars (rebar) within concrete. The applications are diverse, including quality control during construction, assessing structural integrity, and ensuring adherence to design specifications. By accurately mapping the rebar layout, these scanners help prevent errors in construction, identify potential weaknesses or defects, and ensure compliance with safety standards. They play a vital role in infrastructure projects, buildings, bridges, and other concrete structures, enhancing efficiency, safety, and the overall durability of constructions.

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