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    Handheld Concrete Rebar Scanner

    Handheld concrete rebar scanner is a portable reinforcement bar detector designed for non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete structures, measuring range from φ6 to φ50mm, with data storage and rechargeable lithium battery. This rebar locator and scanner enable on-site inspections, ensuring the safety and durability of concrete structures by facilitating accurate assessment of rebar conditions.
    SKU: ATO-CRS-ZL610
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    Handheld concrete rebar scanner can penetrate the concrete surface and identify the presence, spacing, and depth of rebar. The reinforcement bar scanner provides real-time feedback, displaying rebar positions on a digital interface, allowing construction professionals to make informed decisions about drilling, cutting, or avoiding specific areas.


    Model ATO-CRS-ZL610
    Diameter Measuring Range φ6~φ50mm
    Measuring Range Location Range: 1~120mm
    First Range: 1~60mm
    Second Range: 30~120mm
    Thickness Measuring Accuracy 1~40mm, ±1mm
    41~60mm, ±2mm
    61~80mm, ±3mm
    81~100mm, ±5mm
    101~120mm, ±8mm
    Rebar Location Accuracy 1~60mm, ±3mm
    61~120mm, ±6mm
    Diameter Measuring Mode Yes
    JGJ Measurement Yes
    Data Storage Yes
    Off Time Automatic
    Power Supply Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Working Temperature 10℃~+42℃
    Dimension 170x78x38mm
    Weight 0.28kg


    Handheld concrete rebar scanner detail

    Detail of handheld concrete rebar scanner

    Tips: What is a concrete rebar scanner?

    A concrete rebar scanner is a specialized device used in construction to detect and locate reinforcement bars (rebars) within concrete structures. These scanners employ various technologies, including electromagnetic induction and ground-penetrating radar, to penetrate the concrete surface and identify the presence, position, and layout of rebars. By providing real-time feedback, these scanners assist construction professionals in ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure. The information obtained helps prevent damage to rebars during drilling or cutting processes, ensuring the safety and durability of the concrete structure. Concrete rebar scanners play a crucial role in non-destructive testing, allowing for efficient and accurate inspection of reinforced concrete elements in construction projects.

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