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    Rebar Scanner and Corrosion Detector

    Favorable price rebar scanner and corrosion detector for sale. This is an advanced tool used in civil engineering and construction to assess the structural integrity of reinforced concrete. By providing real-time data on rebar distribution and corrosion levels, it enable engineers to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repair, or replacement of deteriorating structures.
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    Rebar scanner and corrosion detector are advanced tools used in construction and infrastructure maintenance. The rebar scanner employs electromagnetic or ground-penetrating radar technology to non-destructively locate and map reinforcement bars (rebar) within concrete structures. This helps ensure structural integrity by assessing the placement and condition of the reinforcement.


    Model ATO-ELB-RXS300
    Rebar Scanning Protective Layer Thickness Measuring Range (Nominal) First Range: 6~90mm
    Second Range: 7~200mm
    Protective Layer Thickness Calibration Range 0~±50mm
    Rebar Diameter Measuring Range (Nominal) φ6~φ50mm
    Error Range of Rebar Diameter Measuring Value ±1 Level
    Maximum Allowable Error in Measuring Value of Rebar Protective Layer Thickness
    Protective Layer Thickness First Range Protective Layer Thickness Second Range
    6~59mm, ≤±1 7~79mm, ≤±1
    60~69mm, ≤±2 80~119mm, ≤±2
    70~90mm, ≤±4 120~200mm, ≤±4
    Rebar Corrosion Detection Detection Method Potential Method, Gradient Method
    Measuring Potential ±3000mV
    Test Accuracy ±0.1mV
    Measuring Point Spacing 1~100cm
    Data Storage Capacity 5400 Test Areas, 228,000 Measurement Point Data
    Measure Area 8100m2
    Data Storage Capacity Can Store More Than 200,000 Measurement Points
    Data Transmission Method Type-C Data Interface
    Ambient Temperature -10°C~+50°C (Avoid Direct Sunlight for Long periods)
    Relative Humidity 90%RH
    Electromagnetic Interference No Strong Alternating Electromagnetic Field
    Power Supply Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    Dimension 219x56x139mm


    Rebar scanner and corrosion detector application

    Tips: Are rebar scanners suitable for post-construction inspections?

    Yes, rebar scanners are highly suitable for post-construction inspections. These tools utilize advanced technology such as electromagnetic or ground-penetrating radar to detect and locate reinforcement bars (rebar) within concrete structures. Post-construction inspections are crucial to ensure the structural integrity and safety of buildings and infrastructure. Rebar scanners provide non-destructive testing, allowing inspectors to assess the condition of the reinforced concrete without causing damage. They can identify the spacing, depth, and diameter of rebars, helping detect any anomalies, corrosion, or construction defects. This information is valuable for evaluating the overall health of the structure and making informed decisions about maintenance or repairs. Rebar scanners contribute to efficient and cost-effective post-construction assessments, promoting structural durability and safety.

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