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    Core Balance Current Transformer, 300/1A, 400/1A, 600/1A

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    High quality core balance current transformers for sale! The CBCT transformation ratios, including 300/1A, 400/1A to 600/1A, to adapt to different current ranges. The ironless design ensures high performance and 5P10 accuracy, ensuring current transformers are accurate. This is an affordable option for a variety of power system applications, increasing system reliability and safety.
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    ATO core balance current transformer has 300/1A-600/1A, 5P10 accuracy, can provide reliable current measurement, and is suitable for power system monitoring and protection. No matter the size of your project, we offer CBCT transformers in a variety of sizes to meet different needs while ensuring economy and performance.


    Model ATO-LXK
    Transformation Ratio 300/1A 400/1A 500/1A 600/1A
    Accuracy Class 5P10
    Rated Output 7.5VA 10VA 12.5VA 15VA
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Rated Secondary Current 1A
    Pore Diameter Optional 80/120/140/160/200(mm)
    Net Weight 4.5kg

    Overall Dimensions Drawing (unit: mm)

    Core balance current transformer overall dimensions drawing


    Core balance current transformer features

    Tips: Core Balance Current Transformer Working Principle

    • Electric Current Sensor: Main structure of electric current flow, one of the common electric current interactive sensor. However, the CBCT does not have an electric current mutual sensor core, so it is both an equilibrium support structure structure, and ct meter wire field is located on both sides of the main structure.
    • Magnetic Field Equilibrium: Under normal current conditions, the main and supporting structures are in production phase, but the magnetic field is reciprocal, and the working field is maintained in equilibrium. This is the core equilibrium feature of cb current transformer, which ensures mutual resistance between the magnetic fields.
    • Unbalanced Electric Current Control: As a result, if there is an unbalanced electric current in the system, if there is a ground fault or a leakage electric current, the magnetic field balance between the main structure and the supporting structure will be destroyed. CBCT sensory input arrives unbalanced, the output signal is one electric current mutual sensor output signal, there is a different normal electric current in the asserted system.
    • Failure: The CBCT output signal is normally used to protect the system, and the power system is disconnected from the system due to a failure. This helps ensure high power system safety and flexibility.
    Existing reviews of Core Balance Current Transformer, 300/1A, 400/1A, 600/1A
    Work great in my house
    This core balance current transformers work great in my house! Whether it is 300/1A, 400/1A or 600/1A, it provides reliable current measurement, ensuring the electrical safety of my home and work environment.
    From: Silas | Date: 20/10/2023
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