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    Core Balance Current Transformer, 60/1A, 100/1A, 200/1A

    Low discount core balance current transformers for sale. The CBCT transformer we provide cover a variety of ratio specifications from 60/1A to 200/1A, a precision level of 5P10, and different rated outputs. The current transformers have zero sequence protection functions and can meet customers' different current measurement needs.
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    The CBTC transformer uses high-quality insulated all-copper wire materials and advanced balancing technology to ensure high frequency and low error of the current transformer. A variety of rated outputs, 60/1A-200/1A transformation ratios are available, as well as 5P10 high accuracy. Split core design facilitates quick installation and disassembly, simple operation, and stable performance.


    Model ATO-LXK
    Transformation Ratio 60/1A 75/1A 100/1A 150/1A 200/1A
    Accuracy Class 5P10
    Rated Output 1.0VA 1.5VA 2.0VA 2.5VA 5VA
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Rated Secondary Current 1A
    Pore Diameter Optional 80/120/140/160/200(mm)
    Net Weight 4.5kg

    Overall Dimensions Drawing (unit: mm)

    Core balance current transformer overall dimensions drawing


    Core balance current transformer features

    Tips: Advantages of Core Balance Current Transformers

    High-precision Measurements: CB current transformers provide high-precision current measurement transformer, typically within an error range of 1% or less. This is crucial to the stability and security of the power system.

    Safety: Compared with traditional ct meters, cb current of transformer does not require direct contact with high voltage, so it is safer. It reduces the risk of electric shock and fire, especially during maintenance and installation.

    Iron-core Design: Core balance ct meters adopts an iron-core design, which eliminates the magnetic saturation problem that may exist in traditional transformers and ensures a wider linear range, thus improving the reliability of measurement.

    Broadband Characteristics: Core balance current transformers generally have wide-band characteristics and are able to measure currents in different frequency ranges, making them suitable for a variety of power systems and applications.

    Low Maintenance Costs: Due to the ironless design of CBCT, it is not prone to magnetic saturation, so there is almost no need for maintenance, reducing operating costs.

    Suitable for High Harmonic Environments: CBCT's performance is more stable in high harmonic environments, which is crucial for nonlinear loads and electronic equipment in modern power systems.

    Compact Size: Core balance current transformers are generally smaller than traditional current transformers, taking up less space and suitable for limited installation spaces.

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