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    Split Core Current Transformer, 300/5A

    300A Split core current transformers for egauge metering system, 5A secondary, 0.5 accuracy class, no need to cut off the power to quickly complete the disassembly and installation, safe, reliable and strong technical.
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    300A/5A Split core current transformer on sale at low price, 0.5 grade accuracy class, easy to install, simply snap these current transformers around the wire being read.


    • Model: ATO-SCT-CTKD36-300
    • Current Ratio: 300/5A
    • Accuracy Class: 0.5
    • Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Measuring Range: 10%ln- 130%ln
    • Rated Output: 0.333V(AC) or 0-500mA
    • Ratio Difference: ≤±1.0%
    • Phase Difference: ≤ soil 10 points
    • Dielectric Strength: 2.5kV/1mA/1min
    • Insulation Resistance: DC500V/1000mΩ/min
    • Shell: ABS, Flame retardant grade 94-V0
    • Skeleton: PBT
    • Iron Core: Silicon steel
    • Internal Structure: Buckle
    • Construction Plan: Cable ties fixed
    • Operating Temperature: -25°C~75°C
    • Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
    • Wiring: 1.5m Red and black wire

    300A Split Core Current Transformer Dimension

    Split core current transformer dimension

    φ A B C
    36 60 89 43

    Tips: The role of current transformer

    The role of current transformer (Current transformer, CT) is to convert the larger value of the primary side of the current through a certain ratio to a smaller value of the second side of the current, used for protection, measurement and other purposes. For example, a current transformer with a ratio of 100/5 can convert the actual 100A current into 5A current.

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