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    Current Transformer Tester, CT PT Analyzer, 220V

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    Cheap price CT PT analyzer for current transformer testing, AC output voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, measurement accuracy ±0.2%, with advanced design, stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation and high test efficiency.
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    Current transformer test set for sale, CT PT (VT) analyzer can be used for ct polarity test, wiring simple, small size and easy to carry, it is an ideal choice for measuring AC transformers and voltage transformers.


    Model ATO-HMCTP-100P
    Input voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz
    Usage Class P/TP CT & VT
    Output 0~100Vrms, 12Arms, 36A (peak value)
    Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±0.2%
    CT Ratio Range 1~30000
    Accuracy ±0.2%
    PT Ratio Range 1~10000
    Accuracy ±0.2%
    Phase Range ±5min
    Accuracy 0.5min
    DC Resistance Range 0~300Ω
    Accuracy 2%±2mΩ
    Burden Range 0~300VA
    Accuracy 2%±0.2VA
    Environmental Conditions Temperature -10℃~50℃
    Humidity ≤90%
    Dimensions 340*300*150mm
    Weight 9kg

    Features and Advantages

    1. Simple test, full-featured, meet CT and PT test requirements.
    2. High degree of automation, the experimental report of the current transformer tester, can complete the analysis of the test source data file and the production word report through the PC machine software, automatically give the knee voltage, current, 10%, 5% error curve, accuracy limit coefficient (ALF), instrument security factor (FS), quadratic time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr), saturation and unsaturated inductance, CT, CP parameters.
    3. The current transformer tester can store 2000 sets of test data, which can be stored in the PC with a U disk.
    4. Stable performance and high test efficiency. Lightweight and easy to carry.
    Current transformer analyzer main features
    Tips: Current Transformer Analyzer Applications
    Current transformer analyzer is used for various types of CT (such as protection, metering, TP) excitation characteristics (volt-ampere characteristics), ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, quadratic compliance, ratio difference and angular difference Wait for test requirements.
    The current transformer tester is used for the excitation characteristics, ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio difference and angular difference of various PT electromagnetic units.

    Existing reviews of Current Transformer Tester, CT PT Analyzer, 220V
    I very satisfy with this 220V current transformer analyzer
    This 220V current transformer analyzer was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a device to analyze current transformers. This 220V current transformer analysis just meets the needs of my work. I like it very much and will continue to buy it if necessary.
    From: Clent | Date: 21/06/2021
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