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    Freezer Temperature Controller, Dual Digital, Pt100

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    Freezer temperature controller has dual digital 4 LED display, on-off control/PID control, single RTD input Pt100 (-200.0~600.0℃), relay output, miniature needle printer for temperature record in medicine freezer and cold chain.
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    Digital freezer temperature controller can set interval time and print temperature record on paper.


    Model ATO-TCFD2
    Weight 0.5kg
    Dimension (Length*High*Depth) 250*110*190mm
    Supply voltage AC 85V-260V/50-60Hz, or DC 24V
    Working environment Temperature: -10~60℃, humidity: ≤90%RH
    Sampling period 8 times/second; When set digital filter parameter FILt=0, response time≤0.5s
    Accuracy ±0.5%F.S ±1 digit
    Resolution ≤0.01℃
    Input signal * I1. Temperature sensor: CU50 (-50.0~150.0℃), PT100 (-199.9~600.0℃), K (-50.0~1300℃), E (-50.0~700.0℃), J (-30.0~900.0℃)
    I2. Analog signal: 4-20mA, 0-10mA, 0-5V, 1-5V
    Control mode 1. On-off control; 2. PID control
    Need manually switch to another control mode.
    Output mode * O1: Relay output; O2: SSR output
    Alarm mode A1 Default mode: 1 alarm output
    Alarm Upper limit, lower limit, upper deviation, lower deviation, in the deviation section, outside the deviation section
    Printer type * P1: Needle printer; P2: Thermal printer

    Note: Packing includes 1*freezer temperature controller, 1*RTD Pt100, and 1*DC 24V power supply. If you need other selection in the table, please contact customer service.
    Freezer temperature controller wiring diagram:

    Freezer temperature controller wiring diagram
    Tips: What are relay output and analog quantity output?
    Relay output is a kind of on/off output, and outputs 0 and 1 through ON and OFF status. Although relay output can directly connect to PLC, it should be noted that the relay is mechanical with low speed. So it is not suitable to use at high speed signal. And relay output is ON/OFF output and is not suitable for continuously changing analog signal. In addition, the relay is only a switch. The voltage input can't be used directly when it needs to pull up or pull down, and the pull up and drop-down resistance is required.Analog output refers to output of continuously changing state. For example, 4-20mA current signal and a 0-5V voltage signal are continuous signals. In the instrument, the 4-20mA output represents the corresponding value of setting range. For example, in a thermometer (0~600℃), when the temperature is 0℃, the analog output of the instrument is 4mA. When the temperature is 300℃, the analog output of the instrument is 12mA.

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    Work efficiently
    Mine is used to control the temperature of the freezer. This is my first purchase in ATO. It is a good user experience. Nice product appearance and Fast delivery. I think setting the interval temperature is its biggest advantage. It's useful for me. It works well so far. If necessary, I will continue to buy.
    From: Johnny | Date: 15/07/2021
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