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    Electronic Pipette Controller 0.1ml-200ml, Single Channel

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    Electronic single channel pipette, available in 0.1mL - 200mL, lightweight handle design, simple and comfortabe operation, accurate transfer of liquid, large capacity lithium battery for continuous pipetting, ideal for repeated liquid handling in the laboratory.
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    • Electronic single channel pipette designed for transferring milliliter volumes of liquid from 0.1mL to 200mL in the lab
    • Ergonomic button design for comfortable pipetting
    • Suitable for most glass pipettes or plastic pipettes from 0.1 ~ 200mL (Plastic pipettes 50pcs can be chosen in drop-down list)
    • With safety valve and syringe filter inside to avoid backflow damage
    • Fine-tuned of aspiration and dispensing operation buttons, available with motor and gravity dispensing
    • Powered by efficient lithium-ion battery, offers long running time for more than 8 hours on each charge


    Model ATO-PIPET-EP200
    Volume Range 0.1-200ml
    Pipetting Speed 50ml in less than 10 seconds
    Operating Temperature +10℃ ~ +35℃
    Battery Ni-MH battery 2.4V/700mAh
    Weight 190g
    Certification CE
    Packing List Electronic pipette controller *2, Charger *1, Filter *2, User manual *1

    Electronic Pipette Details

    Electronic Pipette Details

    Tips: How electronic pipettes work?

    The electronic pipette uses the piston to realize liquid suction and discharge through the telescopic movement of the spring. Under the push of the piston, part of the air is discharged, the liquid is sucked in by atmospheric pressure, and the air is pushed by the piston to discharge the liquid. When using an electric pipette, it can be operated with the elasticity of the spring to control the speed and strength of the pipette.

    The electronic pipettes are mostly suitable for medical laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, food laboratories, pharmacy and chemistry laboratories, environmental laboratories, etc. In the medical clinical laboratory, it is mainly used in the sample preparation stage to achieve accurate liquid proportion transfer.

    Existing reviews of Electronic Pipette Controller 0.1ml-200ml, Single Channel
    Good quality to do basic chemistry
    Happy with this electronic pipette. Accuracy was verified to within 1% at 5 and 10mL levels. Good quality to do basic chemistry or play with essential oils. Totally recommend it! Certainly would purchase again.
    From: Dezumar | Date: 26/10/2022
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    Good quality, works as expected
    I bought this pipette controller for our lab. It works as expected. Once charging it up, it can work for several days. But I have to control each dispense manually.
    From: John | Date: 27/03/2022
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