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    Manual Pipette Pump 2ml/10ml/25ml

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    High quality manual pipette pump, fixed volume, is offered in volume range of 2mL, 10mL, 25mL, easy one-hand operation, good air-tightness and low price, suitable for various pipettes in the market.
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    • Manual pipette pump available with 2ml/10ml/25ml
    • Easy and convenient operation, and good air tightness
    • Draw or dispense the liquid precisely by rotating the thumb wheel
    • With side lever, quickly dispense the liquid
    • Silicone pipette cone, suitable for various glass and plastic pipettes


    Model ATO-PIPET
    Item Pipette pump
    Color Blue Green Red
    Capacity 2mL 10mL 25mL
    Pipette Type Fixed volume
    Accessories Plastic pipettes (10pcs)

    Pipette Pump Details

    Pipette Pump Details

    Tips: Pipette Calibration

    After cleaning, the pipette needs to be calibrated. The pipette must be calibrated at room temperature (25 +/- 2 ° C). Referring to the instructions of the pipette, different ranges of 200µL/1000µL/5000µL/10000µL must be calibrated separately.

    1. Remove the air bubbles from the pipette head and select the range to be calibrated.

    2. An empty container was tared on an electronic balance with an accuracy of 0.1 mg.

    3. Press the dosing key, add water to the empty container, weigh it, and record the reading.

    4. According to the national standard, the calibration of pipettes uses the "three-point test (100%, 50%, and 10% of the maximum range), six times per point" rule. But suppliers usually choose two rules: one is simple calibration, that is, two-point test (100% and 10% of the maximum range), four times per point; the second is strict calibration, that is, three-point test (100%, 50%, and 10% of the maximum range), ten times per point. The user selects a rule according to the actual needs and then goes on to the calculation link after completing the test. (Adjust the pipette according to the absolute difference between the average value and the actual value, and use a tool to tighten the tension of the spring buckle)

    Existing reviews of Manual Pipette Pump 2ml/10ml/25ml
    accurate pipette, good for the price
    A great value. These pipette arrived quickly. They are accurate and easy to calibrate. We check them everyday and all satisfied with the accuracy.
    From: John | Date: 27/03/2022
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