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    Incremental Rotary Encoder, Shaft, 1024 ppr

    Favourable price optical rotary encoder adopts stainless steel flanged shaft, high reliability, high resolution, high quality, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO-IRE-1024PS
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    Incremental optical rotary encoders with 1024 ppr can be used for robots, workbenches, injection molding machines, electronic equipment, printing and packaging machinery, non-standard equipment and CNC machine, a variety of office automation systems, industrial automation control and measurement fields.


    • Incremental rotary encoder internal adopts ASIC devices
    • High reliability, long life
    • Anti-jamming performance
    • Small size, light weight, compact structure
    • Easy installation


    Basics Model ATO-IRE1024PS
    Weight 100 g
    Wiring Color White Black Red Green Yellow Brown Gray Orange Shielded wire
    Signal Vcc 0V A B Z A- B- Z- GND
    Mechanical properties Maximum speed per minute (r/min) 5000
    Starting torque 1.5*10-3Nm (25℃)
    Maximum load Radial load: 20N, axial load: 10N
    Shock resistance 980m/s2
    Anti-vibration 50m/s2 (10~200Hz)
    Rotational inertia 4X10-8kgm2
    Operating temperature -30~85℃
    Storage temperature -35~95℃
    Protection Level IP54
    Electrical characteristics Output circuit Open-collector output Voltage output Push-pull output Line driver output
    Supply voltage Vcc DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC 5V±0.2 DC 5~24V DC5V±0.2 DC 5~24V
    Current consumption ≤60mA ≤60mA ≤60mA ≤100mA
    Output high level ≥3.5V ≥Vcc-2.5V - - ≥2.5V ≥Vcc-2.5V
    Output low level ≤0.5V ≤0.5V - - ≤0.5V ≤1.0V
    Rise time Tr ≤500ns ≤1500ns - - ≤200ns ≤500ns
    Fall time Tf ≤100ns ≤300ns - - ≤200ns ≤200ns
    Maximum frequency response 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz 0~100kHz

    Tips: What is open collector output?
    An open collector output is an NPN transistor. NPN transistors allow leakage current in the common terminal. It can be thought of as a switch that allows the circuit to be connected to a common terminal after a load. This means that a power supply is needed if have output. The power supply must be connected to the output after going through load, or NPN transistor is only to establish a path to the common end, which is a dry contact. Therefore, if measure an open collector output voltage that is not connected to any power supply, there is no voltage change. If the open collector is working properly, the voltage should be detected after going through the output load.

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