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    Joystick Switch, 4 way Self-locking

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    High quality joystick switch has 4NO/ 8NO self-locking two types can be chosen. The switch with 150V/ 250V/ 600V rated voltage, 15A/ 10A/ 4A rated current, 30mm hole diameter. Joystick switch is widely used in factory equipment, instrumentation, marine equipment, medical equipment, CNC lathes, and oil extraction.
    SKU: ATO-JS-HKA1-42
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    Low price joystick switch with 200Ω contact resistance, 10-15A operating current, 5-20N operating pressure.


    Model HKA1-42-1 HKA1-42-2
    Type 4 way self-locking/ 4NO 4 way self-locking/ 8NO
    Rated voltage 150V/ 250V/ 600V
    Rated current 15A/ 10A/ 4A
    Hole diameter 30mm
    Operating current 10-15A
    Contact NO
    Insulation voltage 600V
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ
    Operating pressure 5-20N
    Contact resistance 200Ω
    Operating temperature 0℃~85 ℃
    Operation method Emergency
    Installation size 22mm
    Panel thickness 2-5mm
    Reset method Manual control
    Certificate CCC
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (mm)

     Dimension of joystick switch of HKA1

    Tips: Working Principle of Joystick Switch.

    When the rocker potentiometer is used as a current regulator in a DC circuit, a current will flow through the sliding arm of the rocker potentiometer. At this time, the resistance value will increase abnormally due to anodization. In this case, it is recommended to connect the terminal connecting the resistor body to the negative pole and the sliding arm to the positive pole.

    If the DC current directly passes through the rocker potentiometer, the anode of the rocker potentiometer will be oxidized and damaged, which will increase the impedance of the rocker potentiometer. Therefore, it is best to connect the negative electrode of the current to the terminal in contact with the carbon diaphragm. , the positive pole is connected to the terminal of the brush (contact piece of the rocker potentiometer).

    Existing reviews of Joystick Switch, 4 way Self-locking
    What's the exact dimensions of this joystick switch?
    What's the exact dimensions of this joystick switch? Is this a potentiometer switch or just 4 way on/ off? I am going to use this joystick to control the snow thrower on my tractor.
    From: Joe | Date: 27/04/2022
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    ATO Responded
    In the button the size is 45mm X 40mm, height is 164mm or 124mm. Just a 4 way on off.
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