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    Joystick Switch, 660V, 10A, 2 way/ 4 way

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    Cheap price joystick switch online for sale, with rated voltage 660V, rated current 10A, 2 way self-resetting/ 2 way automatic reset/ 4 way self-resetting/ 4 way automatic reset can be chosen. It has the advantages of strong shock resistance, convenient operation and long service life.
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    660V joystick switch with hole diameter 30mm, four types for selection, which with 3C certificate and 12 months warranty.


    Model KLP-201 KLP-2011 KLP-402 KLP-4022
    Type 2 way self-resetting 2 way automatic reset 4 way self-resetting 4 way automatic reset
    Rated voltage 660V
    Rated current 10A
    Hole diameter 30mm
    Certificate CCC
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of joystick switch of KLP

    Tips: What is Joystick Switch?

    Joystick switch is also called the operation key and the universal switch. It is a combined switch with a rotating handle. There are two types of common control switches: one is an open type, and the other is a closed type. The main difference between these two control switches is not only whether the structure is exposed or not, but also the operation steps and handle positions are also different. The former has only one step for tripping and closing operations. Its handle and contact box have a fixed position and two operation (reset) positions. The latter has two steps for tripping and closing operations. Its handle and contact box have two fixed positions. And two operation (return) positions.

    Existing reviews of Joystick Switch, 660V, 10A, 2 way/ 4 way
    What's the exact dimensions?
    I have an old joystick switch and it was borken. Now, I need a new one. I want to sure that this joystick switch fits my equipment. What's the exact dimensions? How many tapes are there?
    From: Martin | Date: 05/04/2022
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    ATO Responded
    In the button the size is 45mm X 45mm, height is 113mm. And there are 4 types: 2 way self-resetting; 2 way automatic reset; 4 way self-resetting; 4 way automatic reset.
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