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    Laser Diameter Gauge, Single Axis, 0.1-10mm

    ATO laser diameter gauge, a non-contact measurement tool, precisely determines cylindrical object diameters, ranging from 0.1mm to 10mm. This single axis diameter gauge is ideal for measuring wires, cables, tubes, and rods.
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    Single axis laser diameter gauge operates on a non-destructive and non-contact principle, ensuring it can measure even the most delicate or sensitive materials without causing any damage. It is an indispensable tool in wire and cable manufacturing and metalworking.


    • Laser diameter gauge is a measurement of diameter value, with a multi-angle display of the operation panel.
    • This laser diameter measuring equipment adopts fully automatic closed-loop control technology and advanced DSP processing technology.
    • The measurement process is not affected by speed and vibration.
    • It comes with an over-tolerance alarm function.
    • It adopts high-quality stainless steel fasteners, an aluminum die-casting shell, a plastic spraying surface, and good corrosion resistance.
    • RS232/485/MODBUS protocol communication interface.


    Model ATO-CJY-10A
    Measuring Range 0.1-10mm
    Measuring Accuracy ±1μm±0.008%Dz mm (Dz is the actual diameter of the measured object)
    Resolution Ratio 0.001mm
    Scanning Speed 1400 Times Scanning Cycle/Second
    Power Supply 100-240V AC, 1A
    Working Frequency 50/60Hz
    Display Method Two-Row 5-Digit Pipe Display
    Working Temperature 0~45℃
    Relative Humidity ≤85%RH (No Condensation Water)
    Power Consumption ≤15W
    Communication Mode Communication Method: Use RS485 interface to communicate with other equipment (Communication Protocol: 1. ASCⅡ Code Protocol; 2. MODBUS RTU Protocol)
    Protection Grade IP65
    Dimension 235*50*301mm (L*W*H)
    Weight 2.1kg

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Laser diameter gauge 10mm dimension

    Tips: What are the common measurement errors and faults of laser diameter gauges?

    Common measurement errors and faults of laser diameter gauges mainly include the following:

    • Environmental factors: Environmental changes such as temperature, humidity and air quality will affect the propagation path and stability of the laser, resulting in measurement errors.
    • Laser light source stability: The fluctuation and attenuation of the light source will affect the measurement accuracy. An unstable light source or insufficient power may cause inaccurate readings.
    • Surface characteristics of the measured object: The reflective characteristics, color and roughness of the measured object's surface will affect the intensity and accuracy of the laser reflection echo.
    • Alignment error: Failure of the laser beam to accurately align with the center of the measured object or measurement angle deviation will result in measurement data deviation.
    • Electronic interference: Interference from surrounding electronic equipment may affect the circuit operation of the laser measuring instrument, resulting in incorrect data readings.
    • Calibration problems: Equipment not calibrated regularly or inaccurately will cause measurement errors.
    • Mechanical vibration: The vibration of the diameter measuring instrument or the object being measured will affect the stability and accuracy of the measurement results.

    The impact of these errors and faults can be effectively reduced by regularly maintaining and calibrating the laser diameter gauge and improving the measurement environment.

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