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    Nema 17 Stepper Motor, 2 Phase, 1.5A, 40N·cm

    Cheap 2 phase 4 wire hybrid stepper motor works at 40N·cm for CNC machine, sewing machine, robot arm and other equipment, rated current 1.5A, step angle 1.8 degree, motor length 40mm, small size and high torque.
    SKU: ATO-STEP-17M150
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    Economic price Nema 17 hybrid stepper motor for sale, precise positioning, fast response and high torque, is widely used in CNC router, stripping machine, welding machine, textile equipment and medical equipment, etc.


    Model ATO-FY42EM150A
    Matched the Driver Model ATO-FYQM302A (Click it to see more info)
    Step Angle 1.8°
    Flanged Size 42 x 42mm (Nema 17)
    Motor Length 40mm
    Shaft Diameter 5mm
    Rated Current 1.5A
    Holding Torque 40 N·cm (0.4 N·m, 57
    Phase Resistance 2.5Ω
    Phase Inductance 5.0mH
    Rotor Inertia 54g·cm2
    Lead Wires 4 Wire
    Step Angle Accuracy ±5% (Full Step, No Load)
    Resistance Accuracy ±10% (20℃)
    Inductance Accuracy ±20% (1KHz)
    Temperature Rise 80℃ Max. (rated current, 2 phase on)
    Ambient Temperature -20℃~+50℃
    Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min. 500VDC
    Dielectric Strength 1Min. 500VAC
    Shaft Radial Play 0.02Max. 450g Load
    Shaft Axial Play 0.08Max. 450g Load
    Radial Max. Load 28N
    Axial Max. Load 10N
    Weight 0.28kg
    Warranty Period 12 months
    Certificate CE, ROHs, FCC

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)


    Dimensions of Nema 17 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

    Shaft Type

    Shaft Type of nema 17 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

    Wiring Diagram

    Wiring Diagram of Nema 17 2 Phase Stepper Motor

    Speed-Torque Curve Diagram

    Speed Torque Curve Diagram of Nema 17 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Motor

    Tips: Different types of stepper motors

    Stepper motors can be divided into reactive stepper motors, permanent magnetic stepper motors and hybrid stepper motors according to their structure.

    Reactive stepper motor
    It is also called induction type, hysteresis type or reluctance type stepper motor. Its stator and rotor are made of soft magnetic materials. The large magnetic poles on the stator are equipped with multi-phase excitation windings. Small teeth and slots are evenly distributed around the stator and rotor. After energization, the change of magnetic permeability can generate rotation. The step angle is small, the internal damping of the motor without positioning torque is small when the power is off, the single-step operation has a longer oscillation time and the start-up and operation frequency are higher.

    Permanent magnet stepper motor
    Under normal circumstances, it is made of permanent magnet material for the motor rotor, and the stator is made of soft magnetic material. There are multi-phase excitation windings on the stator. There are no small teeth and slots around the stator and the rotor. After energization, the permanent magnet and the stator current magnetic field can interact with each other. This action produces torque. Most of them are 2 phase or 4 phase, with small output torque, large step angle, certain holding torque when power is off, and low starting and running frequency.

    Hybrid stepping motor
    It is also called permanent magnet induction type stepper motor, which combines the advantages of permanent magnet type and induction type. Its stator is no different from a four phase induction stepper motor, but the rotor structure is still more complicated. It is a nice stepper motor with higher starting and running frequency for CNC machine and robot arm.

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