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    NTC Temperature Sensor Probe, 10K, 100K

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    NTC temperature sensor probes for sale, support both 10K and 100K resistance options. 0.1 precision accurate measurement, widely used in household appliances temperature monitoring. High-quality material, and high reliability, the sensor uses a thermistor and wire connection, easy to install, and remote temperature measurement and control.
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    Highly accurate and reliable ntc temperature sensor probe for temperature -40 ~ 300°C, the use of insulation, thermal conductivity, waterproof material encapsulated into the required shape, stainless steel material to form a double-channel compression ring junction, is not easy to seepage and fall off. The diameter of the housing can be selected from 6*30mm, or 6*50mm.


    Model ATO-GTS100
    Sensor Type Thermistor
    R-value R25 10K,100K (Available Options)
    B-value R25/R50 3950K
    R25 Accuracy ±1%,±2%
    Precision 0.1
    Working Temperature 150°C
    Temperature Range -40~300℃
    Wire UL series
    Connector Molex, JST, DuPont, CWB, CJT, U-type Terminal Blocks, etc.
    Material Physical Properties Heat Insulation
    Housing Stainless Steel, Copper Nickel-plated, Copper, Aluminum, ABS, PVC, Epoxy Resin
    Accuracy 0.5
    Casing Heat Shrinkable Tubing, PVC Tubing, Glass Fiber Tubing, Teflon Tubing
    Housing Diameter and Length 6*30MM/6*50MM (Available Options)
    Net Weight 100g


     NTC temperature sensor probe details

    Dimensions (unit: mm)

    NTC temp sensor probe 10k 6x30 size

    NTC temp sensor probe 10k 6x50 size

    NTC temp sensor probe 100k 6x30 size

    NTC temp sensor probe 100k 6x50 size


     NTC temp sensor probe application

    Tips: What is an NTC Temperature Sensor Probe?

    An ntc temperature sensor is a temperature measurement device based on the thermistor principle. Its probe is made of a thermosensitive material with a negative temperature coefficient, i.e., the resistance value decreases as the temperature increases.

    The operating principle of the ntc temperature sensor is based on the fact that the resistance of the thermistor material changes with temperature. When the temperature rises, the resistance of the thermal material decreases and vice versa. This property makes ntc sensors ideal for a wide range of temperature measurements.

    NTC temperature sensor probes are typically characterized by a fast response, high sensitivity, and accuracy. They are widely used in a variety of applications, including electronic equipment, the automotive industry, medical devices, and more. Due to the compact and flexible design of ntc temperature sensor probes, they can be easily embedded in a variety of devices and systems to achieve real-time monitoring and control of ambient temperature, providing reliable temperature data for a variety of applications.

    Existing reviews of NTC Temperature Sensor Probe, 10K, 100K
    High performance
    The price may be a bit higher compared to some other temperature sensors on the market. However, considering the accuracy, build quality, and versatility offered by this probe, I believe the investment is justified for those who prioritize performance and reliability.
    From: Jovan | Date: 20/11/2023
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