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    DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor Probe

    DS18B20 digital temperature sensor probe, accuracy up to 0.5, housing diameter 6*30mm, 6*50mm, 1/2NPT thread and G1/2 thread optional, ds18b20 temperature sensor probe with waterproof design, easy to install, support for 1-wire bus interface, improve the sensor system's ability to resist interference, suitable for harsh environments on-site temperature measurement, price concessions! The price is favorable, bulk purchase is more favorable.
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    This ds18b20 digital temperature sensor probe is pre-wired and waterproof (with heat shrink). The digital temperature sensor probe can be used for objects that need to be measured at a distance or in wet environments, and can also be used in 3.0-5.0V systems. This sensor probe is very convenient, with a temperature-limited alarm system, multiple sensor probes can share a common pin, and the unique design of the single-wire interface requires only a single digital pin for communication.


    Model ATO-GTS200
    Digital Chip DS18B20
    Sensor Type Semiconductor Temperature Sensor
    Powered 3.0~5.5VDC
    Output Signal Digital
    Resolution 9 to 12 Bits
    Wire UL series
    Connector Molex, JST, DuPont, CWB, CJT, U-type Terminal Blocks, etc.
    Temperature Range -50~125℃
    Working Temperature 100°C
    Material Mixture
    Housing Stainless Steel, Copper Nickel-plated, Copper, Aluminum, ABS, PVC, Epoxy Resin
    Accuracy 0.5
    Casing Heat Shrinkable Tubing, PVC Tubing, Glass Fiber Tubing, Teflon Tubing
    Wiring Method Black: GND/ Yellow: DATA/ Red: VDD+
    Housing Diameter and Length 6*30MM/ 6*50MM (Available Options)
    Net Weight 100g


     DS18B20 digital temperature sensor probe details

    Dimensions (unit: mm)

     DS18B20 digital temp sensor probe 6x30 size

    DS18B20 digital temp sensor probe 6x50 size

    DS18B20 digital temp sensor probe 1 2NPT size

    DS18B20 digital temp sensor probe G1 2 size


     DS18b20 digital temp sensor probe application

    Tips: Precautions for Using the DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Probe

    Although the ds18b20 temperature sensor probe can operate at a maximum temperature of 125°C, the cable is PVC-jacketed, so we recommend that it is kept below 100°C. The ds18b20 temperature sensor probe is digital, so there is no signal degradation, even over long distances. As the DS18B20 temperature sensor probes are digital, there is no signal degradation even over long distances.

    These single-wire ds18b20 digital temperature sensor probes are quite accurate (±0.5°C range in most cases), and the on-board digital-to-analog converter provides up to 12-bit accuracy, allowing them to be used with any microcontroller that uses a single digital pin, or even multiple sensors connected to the same pin, with a unique 64-bit ID logged at the factory on each sensor probe to differentiate it from other temperature sensor probes.

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