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    Air Particle Counter for Clean Room, PM2.5/PM10

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    Portable particle counter for cleanrooms, detects concentration PM2.5/PM10, with data logging function and storage for 999 sets of data. ATO cleanroom particle counters are used to measure the number of dust particles as well as temperature and humidity, and they can also determine the amount of dust, smoke, or other harmful contaminants in the air.
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    Cleanroom air particle counter for sale, particle size range PM2.5/PM10, test particle size 0.3μm/2.5μm/10.0μm, with 2.8-inch high-definition color screen display, two measurement modes: air quality + temperature and humidity measurement, dust + temperature and humidity measurement. Particle counter machine is suitable for clean room inspection, filter on-site inspection, biological safety cabinet, HVAC system, computer room, food and beverage packaging environment detection.


    Model ATO-HT9600
    Size Range PM2.5/PM10
    Sensor Principle Photoelectric type
    Light Source Laser diode
    Particle Size Channel 0.3um/2 .5um/10um
    Flow Rate 1L/min
    Measuring Range 0-1000ug/m3
    Resolution 1ug
    Detection Method Manual
    Sampling Time 50s
    Sampling Method Fan constant flow sampling
    Typical Accuracy <20%
    Concentration Unit Pcs/L ug/m3
    Temperature Range 0~50°C
    Typical Accuracy ±1°C
    Humidity Range 0~99%RH
    Typical Accuracy ±2%RH
    Operating Environment -10~50°C 10~90%RH
    Storage Data 999 Groups
    Auto Shutdown 2 minutes (no button operation)
    Power Supply USB direct charging
    Display Mode LCD numerical display with color backlight
    Screen Size 2.8 inches
    Screen Resolution 320x240
    Weight 325g (including battery)
    Overall Dimension 245x85x40mm


    Dimension Unit (mm)
    Portable cleanroom particle counter dimension


    Portable particle counter applications

    Tips: What is the structure of a dust particle counter?

    Dust particle counter mainly consists of five parts: a light source, two sets of lenses, a measurement chamber, a light detector, and an amplification circuit. Among them, the light source affects the performance of the counter and is one of its key components, which needs to meet the characteristics of long life, high stability, and not easy to be disturbed by the outside world. Two sets of lenses are used to complete the function of focusing, one set is used to focus the light from the light source, and one set is used to focus the scattered light generated by the scattering phenomenon. The measurement chamber is used to make the air particles scattered by the light. A light detector is used to convert the light pulse signal into an electrical pulse signal. The amplifier circuit is used to amplify the weak electrical signal and select the pulse signal that meets the requirements.

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    Good Air Particle Counter
    Like the particle counter when I first switch it on. The cleanroom particle counter is durable and well-made outer case. Clear color-rich LCD display which is easy to read even in the dark. It detects PM with the sizes 0.3um, 2.5um and 10um all at the same time.
    From: Marcelo | Date: 02/02/2023
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