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    Photoelectric Switch Sensor, M18, DC 12V-24V

    Round type through beam photoelectric sensor is used to detect the presence or absence of an object by transmitting a light beam from one side of the detection area to a receiver on the opposite side. Infrared photo electric switch can distinguish opaque reflective objects, with 5m detection distance and DC 12-24V power supply, less susceptible to interference.
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    Through beam photoelectric sensor with reverse power protection, short circuit protection, current overload protection, can be directly connected with PLC.

    Application: Through beam photoelectric sensors are used in industrial environments for tasks such as object detection on conveyors, material handling, packaging, automatic doors, liquid level sensing, printing and label detection, assembly line automation, vehicle detection, security systems and robotics. These photo electric switches use infrared light beams and are valued for their reliability and adaptability in different industrial processes.


    Type Round type
    Dimension M18*1
    DC type NPN, NO
    Detection range 5m±10%
    Detection target Opaque object
    Detection range regulation Fixed
    Response time 1ms
    Connection delay 1.5ms
    Light source Infrared light 660nm
    Power supply DC type: DC 12-24V (6-36V)
    Withstand voltage AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min between charging part and housing
    Voltage influence Inside ±15% rated supply voltage range, at rated supply voltage value, inside ±10% detection distance
    Consumption current N/P type: ≤20mA, A type: ≤1.7mA
    Control output N/P type: ≤300mA, A type: ≤400mA, J type: ≤2A (contact service life: 0.1 million times)
    Loop protection N/P/D type: reversal connection protection, surge absorption, load short-circuit protection, A type: surge absorption
    Ambient temperature & humidity Operation temperature/storage temperature: -30~65℃ (no freeze, no dew); Operation humidity/storage humidity: 35~95%RH
    Temperature influence Temperature range -30~65℃, at +23℃, ±15% detection distance; Temperature range -25~60℃, at +23℃, ±10% detection distance
    Insulation impedance ≥50MΩ (DC500 megameter) between charging part and housing
    Material Housing: Nickel plated brass (ABS), Detection surface (lens): PMMA
    Protection class IP67
    Cable length 0.9~1.2m

    Wiring Diagram

    M18 photoelectric sensor wiring diagram

    Wiring Video

    In this video, we give you a detailed introduction on how to correctly wire the M18 through beam photoelectric sensor to ensure its normal operation and smooth connection with other devices.

    Tips: How to choose the right photoelectric sensor for my application?

    There are several key factors to consider when choosing the right photoelectric sensor:

    • Sensing distance: Determine the distance between the photoelectric sensor and the object to be detected. Choose a sensor with a sensing range that can easily cover this distance.
    • Environment: Evaluate the environmental conditions in which the photoelectric sensor will be installed. Factors such as ambient light, dust, humidity, and temperature can affect sensor performance. Choose a sensor with the appropriate environmental rating for your application (such as an IP rating for dust and water resistance).
    • Output type: Decide whether you need a sensor with a digital (on/off) output or an analog output. Digital sensors provide a simple indication of the presence of an object, while analog photoelectric sensors provide more detailed information about the object's distance or reflectivity.
    • Response time: Consider how quickly an object moves through the photo sensor detection area and the response time required for your application.
    • Mounting options: Determine how you plan to mount the photoelectric sensor, such as through-beam, retro-reflective, or diffuse. Depending on your application setup, different installation options provide varying levels of simplicity and flexibility.
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