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    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, 3 Way, Normally Open, 12V/24V/110V/220V

    Three-way Two-position pneumatic solenoid valve, normally open (N/O), single coil, can handle the flow of air in safe and fast. The supply voltage is selectable among DC 12 volt, DC 24 volt, AC110 volt and AC 220 volt, and the port size is also avaliable of Rc 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" for your choice.
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    Pneumatic solenoid valve, 3 way 2 position, normally open, is designed for air control with high reliability, and widely used in the industrial fields like chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, automotive, light industry, food, mineral processing, electroplating, metallurgy, textiles etc.


    Model ATO-3V110-06-NO ATO-3V210-08-NO ATO-3V310-10-NO
    Number of Ports 3-way
    Number of Positions 2-position
    Valve Type Normally Open
    Operation Mode Pilot Operated
    Number of Solenoid Single
    Port Size Rc 1/8" Rc 1/4" Rc 3/8"
    Media Air
    Operating Pressure Range 0.15~0.8MPa (22~116PSI)
    Max. Pressure Resistance 1.2MPa
    Voltage (Optional) 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V AC, 220V AC
    Voltage Tolerance -10%~+10%
    Operating Temperature 5~60℃ (41~140℉)
    Insulation/Protection Class F Class IP65
    Body Material Aluminum Alloy
    Seal Material NBR
    Wiring Method Terminal type
    Lubrication No

    Flow characteristics
    3 way 2 position solenoid valve single flow characteristics

    3 way 2 position solenoid valve single dimensions

    Model A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T
    ATO-3V110-06 13 18 23.7 1 PT1/8 19 Φ3.3 13.2 Φ3.1 27 2.5 88.4 55 12.2 21 7.7 2 PT1/8 16 14.7
    ATO-3V210-08 17 22 28.7 1.5 PT1/4 30 Φ3.2 12.7 Φ4.2 35 3 109 66.7 15.2 25 8.2 0 PT1/4 22.5 16.7
    ATO-3V310-10 20 27 32.5 2 PT3/8 35 Φ4.3 15 Φ4.3 40 2.4 120 69.2 17.5 30 10.5 0 PT3/8 24 20.5

    Solenoid valve symbol (flow diagram)
    3 way 2 position solenoid valve no symbol

    Tips: What is a pilot-operated solenoid valve?
    The pilot-operated solenoid valve is usually used in big diameter and high pressure occasions. As the valve is open, the minimum pressure of the solenoid valve is not allowed to be lower than 0.05MPa. So, the pilot pressure is required, otherwise it cannot be opened. In addition, the flow capability of the pilot-operated solenoid valve is bigger than that of the direct acting solenoid valve. It has a relatively higher requirement to the purity of the compressed air. Instead, the directly operated solenoid valve has no such high requirement.
    For the pilot operated solenoid valve, the electromagnetic head is small and the power consumption is low, usually 0.1-0.2W. It can be energized frequently or for a long time, without getting burnt. It is also energy saving. As for the fluid pressure scope, it has a high upper bound. It can be installed randomly (need to be customized), but the requirement for differential pressure condition of the fluid should be satisfied. For the impurities in the liquid is easy to block the pilot valve holes. Therefore, it is unsuitable for the liquid.

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