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    Rigid Coupling, 16 x 16mm

    Rigid shaft coupling diameter 16mm, length 16mm, 4mm to 8mm, ratd torque 5 N.m, low inertia and high sensitivity, shaft coupler is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong corrosion resistance.
    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-1616
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    4mm to 8mm rigid coupling made of high-strength aluminum alloy, clamping screw tightening method, 16mm length, 16mm width, rigid couplings basically do not allow eccentricity, and must be fully eccentrically adjusted during use.


    Model ATO-SC-GNC-1616
    Rated Torque 5 Nm
    Allowable Speed 9400rpm
    Moment of inertia 2.9 X 10-7
    d1/d2 Inner Diameter Size 3-4-5-6-6.35-7-8
    ╬Žd 16
    L 16
    F 3.75
    Moment of inertia M2.5
    Tightening Torque 1 N.m
    Weight 7g
    Certificate ISO9001, REACH, RoHS
    Warranty 12 Months

    Rigid Clamp Coupling Dimension (unit: mm)
    Rigid coupling dimension

    Tips: Types Of Shaft Coupling

    1. Rigid coupling
    Rigid couplings are divided into sleeve couplings and flange couplings.
    2. Flexible coupling
    Flexible coupling without elastic elements: disc pin coupling, cross slide coupling, single universal joint coupling, double universal joint coupling, gear coupling, chain coupling.
    Flexible couplings with elastic elements are elastic couplings: flexible couplings with metal elastic elements and flexible couplings with non-metallic elastic elements. Among them, flexible couplings with non-metallic elastic elements are divided into elastic sleeve pins Couplings, elastic pin couplings, tire couplings, elastic disc couplings.

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