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    Rigid Coupling, 16 x 16mm

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    Rigid shaft coupling diameter 16mm, length 16mm, 4mm to 8mm, ratd torque 5 N.m, low inertia and high sensitivity, shaft coupler is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with strong corrosion resistance.
    SKU: ATO-SC-GNC-1616
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    4mm to 8mm rigid coupling made of high-strength aluminum alloy, clamping screw tightening method, 16mm length, 16mm width, rigid couplings basically do not allow eccentricity, and must be fully eccentrically adjusted during use.


    Model ATO-SC-GNC-1616
    Rated Torque 5 Nm
    Allowable Speed 9400rpm
    Moment of inertia 2.9 X 10-7
    d1/d2 Inner Diameter Size 3-4-5-6-6.35-7-8
    Φd 16
    L 16
    F 3.75
    Moment of inertia M2.5
    Tightening Torque 1 N.m
    Weight 7g
    Certificate ISO9001, REACH, RoHS
    Warranty 12 Months

    Rigid Clamp Coupling Dimension (unit: mm)
    Rigid coupling dimension

    Tips: Types Of Shaft Coupling

    1. Rigid coupling
    Rigid couplings are divided into sleeve couplings and flange couplings.

    2. Flexible coupling
    Flexible coupling without elastic elements: disc pin coupling, cross slide coupling, single universal joint coupling, double universal joint coupling, gear coupling, chain coupling. Flexible couplings with elastic elements are elastic couplings: flexible couplings with metal elastic elements and flexible couplings with non-metallic elastic elements. Among them, flexible couplings with non-metallic elastic elements are divided into elastic sleeve pins Couplings, elastic pin couplings, tire couplings, elastic disc couplings.

    Existing reviews of Rigid Coupling, 16 x 16mm
    This is exactly what i need
    Exactly what I need for the project I'm building, to be able to fit snugly, basically with zero backlash, with tight enough tolerances that the two axes line up perfectly without any wobble or offset at the low rpm they use. I am very satisfied with the purchase!
    From: Elliot | Date: 14/04/2022
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