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    Inductive Proximity Sensor, Ring Type, 21mm, M12

    Competitive price ring type proximity sensor with 12mm diameter, direct lead wire/ M12 connector two lead wire types can be chosen, 10-36V operating voiltage. The inductive proximity sensor has advantages of high resolution, high accuracy, strong impact resistance, short response time, accurate detection, durability and long service life.
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    Inductive proximity sensor with 12mm diameter, NPN/ PNP/ 2 wire three output types, manufacturer direct sale. It is generally used to detect small objects, such as blanking detection, small steel balls, small springs, small rivets, metal wire breakage, wire breakage detection.

    • Multiple sensing options for a wide range of applications.
    • Cable or micro quick-disconnect styles provide flexibility.
    • Adjustable sensitivity on some models.
    • Reverse polarity, short circuit & overload protection.


    Model ATO-41700 ATO-41750
    Lead wire types Direct lead wire M12 connector
    Mounting Embedded
    Output methods DC24V NPN NO
    PNP NO
    2 wire NO
    AC110V 2 wire NO
    AC230V 2 wire NO
    Operating voltage DC24V 10-36V
    AC110V/ AC230V AC90-250V
    Output current DC24V 100mA (2 wire), 200mA(3/4 wire)
    AC110V 500mA
    AC230V DC 100mA/ AC 300mA
    Ring Diameter 21mm
    Response frequency 500Hz
    Environment temperature -20~80℃
    Insulation resistance >20MΩ
    Repeated accurancy ≤5%
    Leak current ≤0.4mA(DC 2wire), ≤1.6mA(AC), ≤0.05mA (DC 3/4 wire)
    Shell material ABS
    Protection grade IP67
    Weight 1kg
    Certificates CE, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension: (mm)

    Dimension of 21mm ring type proximity sensor of direct lead wire Dimension of 21mm ring type proximity sensor of M12

    Wiring diagram:

    Wiring diagram of ring typr proximity sensor     Wiring diagram of ring typr proximity sensor Wiring diagram of ring typr proximity sensorWiring diagram of ring type proximity sensor

    Tips:  How to Choose the Models of Inductive Proximity Sensor?

    1. Regarding the sensitivity adjustment method, put the detection object into the center of the ring, adjust the knob clockwise until the action indicator lights up, remove the detection object, and then adjust counterclockwise until the action indicator goes out, and then adjust the two clockwise. Circle around, the sensitivity at this time is the best. The ring proximity switch is equipped with a sensitivity adjustable knob to adapt to different detection occasions. Different manufacturers have different adjustment methods.

    2. Regarding the installation of the ring proximity switch, it is best to have a switch-sized position between up, down, left, and right, which is the best installation state. When using the switch, you should try to understand the function of the switch and how to use it, so as to maximize the function of the product.

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