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    Smart Air Quality Tester, CO2/ PM2.5/ TVOC/ PM1.0/TEMP/ HUM

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    Smart Air Quality Tester detects CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, PM1.0, temperature and humidity, supporting RS485 data output and historical data record query. Smart air quality monitor with remote Wi-Fi connection, and customers specify APP to query data, support for custom sensors and function.
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    Air quality tester supports smart Tuya App/Data logger connection, with accurate RS485/Relays signal output. Auto Calibration as well as wireless lot controller. There is NDIR sensor to test air accurately in the smart air quality sensor. Air quality detector with 7 inch Big LCD display to show data every day. Light weight and easy to take. The sensors and function can be customized.


    1. Indoor air quality tester detects CO2, PM2.5, TVOC, PM1.0 in the real time and remote controlled through smart Tuya App/ Data logger and RS485/ Relays signal output. Auto or Manual Calibration so that we easy to apply.
    2. Wireless lot controller with accurate NDIR sensor on 7 inch Big LCD Display. There is RS485 data output/historical data record query, and data import to customer cloud, specify applet data view.
    3. PT02 ODM customization service. Support for custom sensors and functions and LORA module communication.
    4. Custom appearance mold opening (with MOQ requirements). Included the Smart Tuya Plug (UK Plug), so that you can view air quality on Tuya App via Wi-Fi.
    5. Connected with humidifiers, air purifiers, fans and irrigation kits according to the threshold values. Note: only Wi-Fi (2.4Hz).



    Model PT02
    Measurement Object CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, PM1.0 , Temperature, Humidity
    Wifi Connection Tuya App/ Data Logger
    CO2 400- 5000 ppm
    TVOC 0~ 9.99 mg/m3
    PM2.5 0~100 μg/m3
    PM1.0 101-500 μg/m3
    Temperature Measurement Range -20°C~ 60°C
    Humidity Measurement Range: 5%~ 95% RH
    CO2 Accuracy ± 50 ppm or ± 5% of reading
    Carbon Dioxide Indicator 0- 499 ppm-- Green Light         
    500- 999 ppm--Yellow Light
    1000- 1499 ppm-- Orange Light
    over 1500 ppm--Red Light
    TVOC More than 0.5 mg/m3- alarm prompt
    PM1.0/ PM2.5 More than 75 μg/m3 - alarm prompt
    Temperature Measurement Range -20°C- 60°C ± 2%
    Humidity Measurement Range 5%- 95% ± 5%
    Material Fireproof ABS + LCD
    Power Supply DC 12V
    Product Size 180*39*119 (mm)
    Preheat Time < 7 seconds
    Weight 1.2 (kg)


    1. If you need an indoor air quality monitor with other measuring ranges unlisted in above table, please contact us to inform your operating environment, so as to help you choose an appropriate one for your application.
    2. We also provide other air quality monitors for home. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


    Air smart controller


    Tips: What are advantages of indoor air quality detector?

    1. Air quality monitor, a product that can detect formaldehyde, PM2.5, TVOC and temperature and humidity in real time.
    2. Easy to take. Accurately measure the concentration of pollutants through internal imported sensor and calculate the air quality index AQI, and alarm when the concentration exceeds the standard.
    3. Detect air quality to prevent people from toxic gas at home in the real time.
    Existing reviews of Smart Air Quality Tester, CO2/ PM2.5/ TVOC/ PM1.0/TEMP/ HUM
    Air quality tester worth the money
    I purchased this little air tester to detect the air quality in my office. The air tester so convenient that it can remote connection. Very accurate with an excellent screen that the display to be simple, intuitive, and easy to read.
    From: skyla | Date: 22/12/2022
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    Accurate air quality tester
    I got this little air quality tester to monitor the air quality in my room, which satisfied me that accuracy and friendly interface with a detailed display for me. So convenient for smart control. It improved my family quality of life in the room.
    From: karel | Date: 21/12/2022
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