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    Portable Digital Soil Moisture Meter

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    Buy soil moisture meter for indoor plants, price cheap, measuring range 0-50%, digital LCD display is easy to observe at any time, it is a portable, sensitive moisture meter, insert 1/3 of the probe into the soil to measure, manufacturer direct sales.
    SKU: ATO-MM-PMS710
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    Portable soil moisture tester and ph meter for potted plants, with LCD display, light weight, easy to use, insert 1/3 of the probe into the soil to measure, efficient and rapid detection of soil moisture.


    Model ATO-MM-PMS710
    Display 4-Inch Digital LCD
    Measuring Range 0-50%
    Operation Temperature 0-60°C
    Operation Humidity 5-90% RH
    Resolution 0.1
    Accuracy (0.5%n+2)
    Power Supply 4x1.5 AAA size (UM-4)
    Battery Dimension 140 x 60 x 22mm
    Needle 280mm
    Weight 210g (not including batteries)


    1. Convenient soil moisture detector, compact, easy to use, and moisture measurement readings instantly.
    2. The digital display with backlight provides accurate and clear readings even under harsh conditions.
    3. By monitoring the dryness, it can save time and cost, and help prevent the deterioration and decay caused by moisture during storage, so the processing will be more convenient and efficient.
    4. The moisture meter is operated by a resistor and has automatic temperature compensation.
    5. Manually close at any time.
    6. Automatically turn off the power after 5 minutes from the last operation.
    7. With data retention.
    8. The battery is low and the alarm is automatic.

    Soil Moisture Meter Panel Descriptions
    Soil moisture meter panel descriptions

    1-1 Buzzer 1-2 % Symbol 1-3 Low battery 1-4 LCD display
    1-5 Testing symbol 1-6 Testing value 1-7 Warning light 1-8 Function key
    1-9 Zero/inc key 1-10 Backlight key 1-11 Battery cover 1-12 Testing sensor
    1-13 Testing probe 1-14 Hold/dec key 1-15 Power key

    Soil moisture meter for plants

    Tips: The principle of a portable soil moisture meter

    The portable soil moisture meter transmits a signal of a certain frequency, and the signal source probe transmits to the soil end, and some signals are reflected back to the transmission line due to the impedance mismatch, thereby forming a standing wave superposition with the original signal, since the reflectivity depends on the soil of the soil. The dielectric is always effective, and the dielectric constant of the soil has a linear relationship with the water content of the soil, so that the standing wave superposition signal can be detected to obtain the soil water content.

    Existing reviews of Portable Digital Soil Moisture Meter
    Ideal soil moisture meter
    This is a portable soil moisture meter that accurately measures soil moisture, can understand the health status of plants, and monitors soil changes at all times. This is an ideal product.
    From: Faliy | Date: 14/01/2020
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    I'm searching for a soil moisture meter
    I want a more efficient management of the irrigation water. So I'm searching for a soil moisture meter to know exactly the portion of water to apply. But my main problem is the dimension of the plant pots. Most of soil moisture meters are unable to do reads in small volumes (less than 250ml). So I want to know if any of your soil moisture sensors will work in this situation?
    From: Eric | Date: 07/04/2020
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, you can use our Portable Soil Moisture Meter and ph meter for potted plants. The diameter of the probe is 8mm, so as long as it can be inserted into the plant pots for detection, it can be used normally.
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