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    Handheld LCD Wood Moisture Meter

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    Cheap price handeld wood moisture meter for sale, measurement range 0~99.9%, high precision measurement, it can detect the moisture of 50 kinds of wood, the wood moisture tester body is strong, lightweight and easy to use.
    SKU: ATO-MM-MT15
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    Moisture meter for wood with digital LCD display, It can detect the moisture content of wood, paper and cardboard, price concessions, high precision, is an ideal moisture meter.


    Model ATO-MM-MT15
    Measurement Range 0~99.9%
    Accuracy ±0.5%
    Resolution 0.1%
    Application Use on Wood, Paper, Cardboard, etc
    Electrode Length 10mm (0.4")
    Power Supply 4 x AAA batteries
    Operating Temperature 0 to 40℃ (32 to 104℉)
    Size 145*67*32mm (5.7""*2.6""*1.3"")
    Weight 200g
    Features Data Hold Function and Low Battery Indication


    1. ATO-MM-MT15 wood moisture meter can be used to measure the moisture content of various wood / paper / cardboard materials.
    2. Built-in four measurement modes, including more than 50 kinds of common wood, users can choose the corresponding group to improve measurement accuracy.
    3. The body is strong and anti-full, suitable for a variety of special occasions.
    4. Built-in automatic shutdown function, saving battery consumption.
    5. With the lock screen function (Hold), the meter will automatically detect the battery level, and prompt the user to replace the battery before the power is exhausted.

    Wood Moisture Meter Panel Descriptions
    Pin type wood moisture meter.

    1 Measuring probe 2 Battery low voltage indicator 3 Measurement readings
    4 Keep function indication 5 Selected wood type indication 6 Instrument power switch key
    7 Wood type selection button 8 Hold function button 9 Simple examples of all types of wood

     Wood humidity meter


    Existing reviews of Handheld LCD Wood Moisture Meter
    High quality moisture meter
    I have no idea how accurate it is, as I bought this moisture meter to do something I could not. However, I feel it is doing a great job at detecting moisture.
    From: Drew | Date: 06/12/2022
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    Ideal for detecting moisture in wood
    I am a wood buyer and I have greatly increased my productivity after using this handy wood moisture detector, I just need to poke a log with it before dumping it on the truck to know the moisture content of the wood Content, I always carry it at work.
    From: Noah | Date: 07/04/2022
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