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    Split Core Current Transformer, 600/5A

    Highly accurate split core type current transformer with snap-on design, current ratio 600/5A, measurement accuracy 0.5, can be safely and easily installed in existing power systems, ideal for smart meters and grid retrofit.
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    The 600A split core current transformer is available at supplier prices, working frequency 50/60 Hz, fast installation without power or wiring, suitable for agricultural network renovation, electrical fire monitoring, fire leakage system, smart electricity system, power measurement, power quality analysis and electrical equipment signal acquisition.


    • Model: ATO-SCT-CTKD50-600
    • Current Ratio: 600/5A
    • Accuracy Class: 0.5
    • Working Frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Measuring Range: 10%ln- 130%ln
    • Rated Output: 0.333V(AC) or 0-500mA
    • Ratio Difference: ≤±1.0%
    • Phase Difference: ≤ soil 10 points
    • Dielectric Strength: 2.5kV/1mA/1min
    • Insulation Resistance: DC500V/1000mΩ/min
    • Shell: ABS, Flame retardant grade 94-V0
    • Skeleton: PBT
    • Iron Core: Silicon steel
    • Internal Structure: Buckle
    • Construction Plan: Cable ties fixed
    • Operating Temperature: -25°C~75°C
    • Ambient Humidity: ≤85%
    • Wiring: 1.5m Red and black wire

    600A Split Core Current Transformer Dimension

    Split core current transformer dimension

    φ A B C
    50 81.2 111.9 58

    Tips: What are the wiring methods of current transformers?

    Phase type wiring

    A transformer wiring, used in symmetrical three-phase circuit to measure the current, can only reflect the single-phase current, suitable for the need to measure the current of a phase or three-phase load balance, measuring a phase can know the three-phase situation, most of the connection with the ammeter, in the relay protection to do overload protection wiring.

    Three-phase star wiring

    Three transformers star wiring, can measure the symmetrical and asymmetrical three-phase circuit (including three-phase four-wire) in the current, three-phase current transformer can be timely and accurate understanding of the three-phase load changes, mostly used in transformer differential protection wiring, but also in the neutral point directly grounded system for energy meter current collection. This wiring method can not only respond to various types of phase-to-phase short circuit, but also to single-phase grounding short circuit, so it is used in the neutral point direct grounding system as a phase-to-phase short circuit protection and single-phase grounding short circuit protection.

    Two-phase and type wiring:

    Two transformers V-shaped wiring, measuring symmetrical and asymmetrical three-phase three-wire circuit in the current. Three-phase current vector and zero, so the current meter at the bottom of the measurement is not installed transformer that phase of the current. This connection method is used in practice, it saves a current transformer. This wiring method can respond to the phase short circuit, but can not fully respond to single-phase grounding short circuit, so can not be single-phase grounding protection. This wiring method is used in the neutral point is not grounded system or grounded by the arc extinguishing coil system for phase short circuit protection, can also be applied in the relay protection, but the sensitivity is low.

    Two-phase differential wiring:

    Two transformer current differential wiring, for lines, motors, shunt capacitor relay protection wiring, higher sensitivity. Only used in the three-phase three-wire circuit, the neutral point is not grounded, there is no neutral line, the advantage of this wiring is not only to save a current transformer, but also can be used - a relay to reflect the three-phase circuit in a variety of phase-to-phase short-circuit fault, that is, with the least relay to complete the three-phase overcurrent protection, saving investment. But the fault form is different at the same time, its sensitivity is different.

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