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    Ultrasonic Anemometer for Wind Speed & Direction, 40 m/s

    Buy ideal price ultrasonic anemometer online. Maximum measuring wind speed 40 m/s, accuracy ± 3%, wind direction 0~360°, power supply DC 12-24V, selectable output signal current 4-20mA/RS232/RS485/SDI-12, ingress protection IP65. The wind speed & direction sensor is especially suitable for solar or battery powered environment with low power consumption requirements.
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    Ultrasonic anemometer for sale, for 0~40 m/s air velocity and 0-360° wind direction measurement. The wind speed and direction sensor is a gauge that uses the time difference of ultrasonic waves in the air to measure wind speed and direction. Due to the adoption of new technology, the ultrasonic anemometer has a more compact structure, a smaller size, and is easy to use and portable.

    Measurement Specification

    Model ATO-RK120-07
    Item Range Resolution Accuracy Starting Threshold
    Wind Speed 0-40 m/s 0.1 m/s ± 3% 0.1 m/s
    Wind Direction 0~360° ± 3° 0.1 m/s
    Extreme Wind Speed 60 m/s - - -

    System Specification

    Power Supply DC 12-24V
    Power Consumption 1.7W
    Output Signal (Optional) 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 (Modbus/NMEA-0183), SDI-12
    Operating Temperature -30 ~ +60℃
    Ingress Protection IP65
    Dimension Ф 82*108mm
    Net Weight 0.8 kg
    Main Material ABS


    • Ultrasonic wind speed & direction anemometer uses a low-power chip, power consumption is only 0.2W, which is especially suitable for solar or battery-powered applications that require low power consumption.
    • The ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor has compact structure and lightweight, no moving parts, high-strength structural design, accurate and stable elements, low maintenance.
    • The air velocity and direction meter adapts to complex weather conditions. The surface has preservative treatment, strong anti-interference, automatic heating anti-frozen.
    • Applications include environmental monitoring, sea-going vessel, bridge & tunnel, solar and wind power generation, wind resource assessment, drilling platform, automatic weather station, agriculture, etc.

    Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Anemometer Dimension (Unit: mm)

    Dimension of Ultrasonic Anemometer for Wind Speed & Direction, 40 m/s

    Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Anemometer Installation

    There is rotary adjustable mounting holes at the bottom of the ultrasonic anemometer.

    When installing the wind sensor, make sure the indicator on anemometer comply with the geographic north.

    Installation of Ultrasonic Anemometer for Wind Speed & Direction, 60 m/s

    Tips: What is an ultrasonic wind speed & direction anemometer?

    The ultrasonic wind speed & direction anemometer uses four ultrasonic probes to cyclically send and receive ultrasonic waves in a two-dimensional plane. This type of wind sensor measures wind speed and direction through the time difference of ultrasonic waves propagating in the air.

    Ultrasonic wind measurement is an application of ultrasonic detection technology in gaseous media. Its working principle is that the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves in the air is affected by air flow (wind). Compared with the conventional wind cup or rotary wing anemometer, the biggest feature of ultrasonic measurement method is that the entire wind measurement system does not have any mechanical rotating parts. The ultrasonic anemometer is a non-inertial measurement, so it can accurately measure the high frequency components of the gust pulsation in the natural wind.

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