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    Digital Vane Anemometer, 0~45 m/s, Handheld

    Good price digital vane anemometer for sale. Wind speed measurement range 0~45 m/s, air volume 0~9999 CFM/CMM, air temperature range 0~45 ℃, power supply 4*1.5V AAA batteries. Portable wind speed sensor for wind velocity, temperature and flow testing, mini size, handheld use.
    SKU: ATO-DVAM-045
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    Digital vane anemometer measuring 0~45 m/s wind speed, air volume measurement range 0~9999 CFM. Units conversions of Ft/min, Knots, km/h, Mph are available. Handheld wind speed gauge can measure wind velocity, temperature and flow, which is provided by reliable manufacturer, affordable price.


    Model ATO-GM8902+
    Measuring Specification
    Item Range Resolution Accuracy
    Wind Speed* 0.0-45.0 m/s 0.001 ±3% ± 0.1 m/s
    0.0-8800 ft/min 0.01/0.1/1 ±3% ± 20 ft/min
    0.0-88.0 knots 0.01/0.01 ±3% ± 0.2 knots
    0.0-140.0 km/h 0.001 ±3% ± 0.4 km/h
    0.0-100 Mph 0.001/0.01 ±3% ± 0.2 Mph
    Item Range Resolution Area
    Wind Flow 0-9999 CFM (FT/MIN) 0.001-100 0.001-9999
    0-9999 CMM (M/MIN) 0.001-100 0.001-9999
    Item Range Resolution Accuracy
    Air Temperature 0~45℃ 0.1 ±1.0℃
    32~113℉ 0.1 ±1.8℉
    Operation Conditions
    Host Temperature 0-50℃ (32-122℉)
    Fan Temperature 0-60℃ (32-140℉)
    Humidity ≤80% RH
    Storage Conditions
    Temperature -40~60℃ (-40~140℉)
    Humidity ≤ 80%RH
    Power Supply AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery * 4
    Low Battery Indicating 4.4V ± 0.2V
    Stand by Current ≤2uA
    Operating Current ≤18mA
    Dimensions Meter: 77 x 36 x 164mm
    Vane: 65 x 29 x 172mm
    Net Weight 330g (Not Includes Battery )

    *Note: The measuring units of wind speed can be switched.


    1. The digital vane anemometer can be used in measurement of wind velocity, temperature and flow.
    2. The wind speed sensor provides measurement of maximum and minimum wind velocity, 2/3 Vmax and average wind flow.
    3. Digital wind gauge has data holding, storing and deleting functions.
    4. Low battery indicating function. Auto power off function (power off automatically if no further operation for 10 minutes).
    5. The air velocity meter supports memory of 500 records.
    6. Handheld anemometer can be connected to PC with USB cable.
    7. Audio key pressing alert. Large LCD display. Retractable drag rod.

    Tips: Precautions for using digital vane anemometer.

    1. It is forbidden to use digital vane anemometer in flammable gas environment.
    2. Please use the digital vane anemometer in strict accordance with the requirements of user manual. Improper operation will cause electric shock, fire, and damage to the sensor.
    3. When using the digital vane anemometer, if the sensor emits an abnormal smell or sound, smokes, or liquid flows into the anemometer, please turn it off immediately and remove batteries. Otherwise, there will be a risk of electric shock or fire.
    4. Do not expose the digital vane anemometer body and probe to rain. Do not touch the sensor part inside the probe.
    5. If the digital vane anemometer will be not used for a long time, take out the internal batteries to avoid battery leakage and damage the anemometer.
    6. Do not place the digital vane anemometer in high temperature, high humidity, dusty and direct sunlight.
    7. Do not wipe the digital vane anemometer with volatile liquids. It can be wiped with soft fabric and neutral detergent.
    8. Do not drop or put heavy pressure on the digital vane anemometer. Otherwise, the anemometer may malfunction or be damaged.
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