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    Wall-mounted Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Buy a sensor for humidity and temperature online. 2m Built-in probe or external probe (L Bracket Probe, M20 Movable Threaded Probe, M20 Sealed Threaded Probe (High Temperature), M20 Sealed Threaded Probe) for selection. Wall mounted temperature and humidity sensor provides three wire system 4-20mA, accuracy 1%, humidity 0-100%RH, IP65 and optional transmit or communicate output.
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    Wall mounted temp and humidity sensor can monitor temperature and humidity in the Humidity range of 0-100%RH, built-in (-40~60℃), external (-40~80℃). Good price temperature and humidity transmitter/sensor is equipped with a 2m Built-in probe or external probe (L Bracket Probe, M20 Movable Threaded Probe, M20 Sealed Threaded Probe (High Temperature), and communication output or transmission output is available.


    • Model: ATO-SIN-TH800
    • Measuring Range: Humidity: 0-100%RH, Humidity: Built-in (-40~60℃), External (-40~80℃)
    • Output: Three Wire System 4-20mA, Accuracy 1%, Load 500Ω
    • Accuracy: Humidity:±3%RH (10-90%RH, 25℃); Humidity: ±0.3℃ (0-80℃)
    • Probe Types: L Bracket Probe, M20 Movable Threaded Probe, M20 Sealed Threaded Probe (High Temperature), M20 Sealed Threaded Probe
    • Probe Length: Built-in Probe or 2m External Probe
    • Communication: RS485 Interface, Standard Modbus RTU Protocol
    • Response Time: ≤15s (Wind Speed: 1m/s)
    • Power Supply: 24V DC, Power Consumption 2.5W
    • Product Size: 117*85*41mm
    • Note: 0-120℃ High Temperature Probe Can be Customized


    Temperature and humidity sensor dimension

    Probe Types

    Temperature and humidity sensor probe types


    • The external probe of the temperature and humidity sensor can be customized for high temperatures of 20-120°C, (80-120°C: ±0.5°C)
    • Keep at least one of the transmission and communication functions.
    • This wall-mounted sensor probe rod can be added with extension tubes, each section is 120mm.
    • 100ms high-speed acquisition and transmission can be customized.
    • The standard power cord is 1m, and the length of the power cord can be customized, ranging from 1-10m.
    • The temperature and humidity transmitter can be customized with high-temperature sensor leads.


    Temperature and humidity sensor installation


    Temperature and humidity sensor applications

    Tips: Advantages of Wall-mounted Temperature and Humidity Sensor/Transmitter

    Wall-mounted temperature and humidity sensors/transmitters are advantageous in terms of space efficiency. By affixing the sensor to the wall, you save valuable floor or desk space that might be needed for other equipment or activities. This is particularly beneficial in environments where space is limited or where a clean and uncluttered appearance is desired. Wall mounting also helps protect the sensor from physical damage or interference, as it is elevated and less likely to be bumped or tampered with compared to sensors placed on horizontal surfaces.

    Wall mounting allows for more strategic placement of temperature and humidity sensors. By attaching the sensor/transmitter to the wall at an appropriate height and location, you can obtain more accurate readings that better represent the environmental conditions of the space. This is crucial for applications where precise monitoring is essential, such as in climate-controlled environments, laboratories, or server rooms. Strategic placement can also help avoid false readings that might occur if the sensor is exposed to localized temperature or humidity fluctuations near the floor or other surfaces.

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