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    Temperature and Humidity Sensor, DHT11, Resistive, One-wire

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    DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor includes a resistive humidity sensor and a NTC temperature sensor, built-in one high-performance 8-bit SCM, one-wire communication mode, with small size, excellent quality, fast response, strong anti-interference ability, low price, long signal transmission distance.
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    Temperature and humidity sensor has a resistive humidity sensor and a NTC temperature sensor, one-wire communication mode.

    Application: Temperature and humidity sensor is widely used in HVAC, dehumidifiers, automobile, data loggers, humidity regulators, and humidity detection and control system.

    Model ATO-TAHS-DHT11
    Weight 1g
    Dimension (L*W*H) 12.6*6.0*16.1mm
    Communication mode One-wire
    Supply voltage DC 3.3-5.5V
    Measuring range of relative humidity 0~99.9%RH
    Measuring range of temperature 0~50℃
    Accuracy of humidity ±5%RH
    Accuracy of temperature ±2℃
    Resolution 0.1℃/0.1%RH
    Long-term stability <0.5%RH/year, <0.3℃/year
    Power consumption <300μA
    Sampling period 2s
    Response time <6s
    Housing material PC
    Working environment Temperature: 0~50℃, humidity: 0~99.9% no condensation
    Storage environment Temperature: 0~50℃, humidity: <95%RH
    Wiring 1 red: VDD, 2 yellow: DATA (serial data), 3: NC, 4 black: GND

    Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 dimensional drawing
    Pin assignment:
    Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 pin assignment
    Tips: Applications of temperature and humidity sensor

    1. Climate monitoring: The temperature and humidity sensor is essential equipment for temperature and humidity measurement, it can be used for weather measurement and forecast.
    2. Greenhouse cultivation: Modern agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and other industries have a considerable number of greenhouses. It is one of the conditions to reduce plant diseases, insect pests and increase yield by controlling its temperature and humidity in a suitable range of crops, trees, livestock and poultry.
    3. Industrial production: In the fields of textile, electronics, precision machinery and ceramic industry, air temperature and humidity directly affects the product quality and output, they must be monitored and controlled effectively.
    4. Storage of goods: All kinds of goods have certain adaptability to the environment, too high or low temperature and humidity will make the goods to lose the original properties. For example, in the high humidity area, electronic products would suffer from serious damage in the warehouse, the nonmetal parts would be mouldy and metamorphosed, and metal parts will corrode and rust.
    5. Use and protection of precision instrument: Many precision instruments and equipment require higher working environment, the environmental temperature and humidity must be controlled within a certain range to ensure the normal work, improve the work efficiency and reliability. For example, working humidity of telephone program control exchanger had better to be 55 % ±10 %, high temperature will affect the insulation performance, while low temperature will produce static electricity, thus affecting the normal operation.
    Existing reviews of Temperature and Humidity Sensor, DHT11, Resistive, One-wire
    I highly recommend this sensor!
    Needed humidity sesnor for the house and they are wonderful. This temperature and humidity sensor is easy to setup and easy to use. It won't take up space. For the price, I highly recommend.
    From: Dimmer | Date: 06/05/2022
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